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"Tanglin Shopping Centre? Where's that?" Many people will think that I am referring to Tanglin Mall, but The Magic Of ChongQing Hot Pot is situated at level 4 of the quiet mall.

Serving 64 types of ingredients from meats to veggies to staple carbs, dinner at a price of S$35.90 is quite affordable. The Chicken Broth here is my favourite soup base, although the chilli lovers will not reject their 麻辣 Soup. Do try to scoop the chilli oil from the surface of the soup if you are not ready for some flamethrowing action.

The other thing I enjoy about eating here, is that they will serve complimentary items such as special meatballs, steamed and fried dumplings, water chestnut jelly and Eight Treasure Porridge (basically multigrain porridge to aid digestion).

One more thing that I will recommend here is the Eight Treasures tea (S$5.00), which I find useful in cooling my body from all the heat from the spice and the food. Ask for the hot version and you will even get to see some traditional long-mouth kettle action... just a little.

With a group of friends, I thought I had a great time catching up in this place. Reservations are always recommended, especially during weekends.

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