this was a meal that left us feeling very confused. firstly, we could see a decent amount of seasoning on the louisiana rub classic wings and garlic parmesan boneless wings however, it was pretty tasteless? it’s like i can feel the grains of seasoning against my tongue, but there’s practically no taste on the chicken. somewhat like it wasn’t marinated at all and they simply threw some powder onto those wings before serving them, and the worst thing was those powders were lacking in flavor. there were a few crispy bits which dropped off for the louisiana wings and tbh, those were so well flavored and it would had been amazing if the wings tasted like that instead.

the kecap manis ones were a whole lot better. the flavor was good but a tad too sweet with a lack of spice seeing how it had a rating of three chilli. i sort of imagined it to have the spicy kick of the abc recap manis sauce but it fell a tad short.

the major saving grace had to be the chicken though. they were all so tender and juicy that we could live with dipping them in the ranch sauce that came with the meal.

the sides were okay but i had to say that i was a little disappointed with the fries after hearing raving review about it? not high on my revisit list, but apparently tappy loved the texture and juiciness of the chicken so much that he’s willing to get the chicken and dip them into other sauces instead.