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Having to end our dinner on a sweeter note and satisfy my ever present cravings for ice cream, I strongly suggested the group for round two even before dinner started at Shots & Scoops and was so glad I did. A place I have been meaning to try, I was spoilt for choice when faced with their range of handcrafted, premium ice cream which promises the use of only natural ingredients sans preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Hence, after sampling most of the flavours, I finally settled on a tantalizing scoop of Strawberry Watermelon Sorbet ($3.80) and premium Madly Macadamia ($4.80) sitting on a fragrant house-made Buttermilk waffle cone ($1).
Going nuts for the rich Macadamia ice cream, the ultra luscious treat was all sweet (though not overly so) and nutty. Fans of Macadamia nuts could most probably inhale this, it was so guuud as the natural savoriness of the nuts matched perfectly with a tinge of milky butter-like aftertaste. The flavour well-executed and the consistency great. And similarly, the sorbet was of a surprisingly creamy texture. The refreshing fruity blend was foolproof and just the thing for our hot summer afternoons.