For desserts at Lucca's Trattoria, we are sure to get their gelatos as they are $6 ++ for a single flavour, which is still markedly cheaper than at other gelato speciality stalls like Venchi. If you would like to mix two flavors in the cup, then it would be $8++!

Our favourite is the hazelnut flavour, which contains a very strong nutty taste with a slight hint of caramel. It really resembles a Ferrero Rocher in ice cream form! The ice cream serving is really big and it is definitely larger than the size of a single-scoop at most ice cream shops. The gelato itself is also really smooth, although you might want to eat it quickly as it melts really fast like most gelatos!

At the end of the day, our favourite part about dining at Lucca's is the atmosphere in the restaurant, which gives off a cozy and homely feel especially since the staff are always warm and friendly, plus the restaurant usually isn't packed to brim.