Being the first weekend since their official opening, I guess I would expect several teething issues. But there is to be many major improvements to be made sadly. I would agree that the coffee is definitely good (nutty blend that I really like) especially the Pepper Agave - the slightly pepperish-ness and sweetness really surprisingly to envelop itself with the coffee flavours! However, my order of flat white took almost forty minutes to an hour to arrive (and after like asking for it about 3 times 😒) The Churros was really good, crisp exterior and super moist on the inside! Paired with ice cream and dark chocolate sauce 👍🏼 The Scrambled Eggs and Crayfish in question was (literally) a question mark. Flavourless crayfish and rather stiff sourdough bread. The caviar added a strange fishy taste to the whole dish but I guess it's a personal taste thing.