Feature The Lamb series :
💕Amuse bouche
💕Homemade Raviolis
Roasted lamb shoulder with scampi broth
💕Frit Menorqui
Lobster, egg and potatoes
💕Glazed Sweetbreads
Artichoke purée and chips
💕Lamb rack
Idiazabal cheese sauce and lamb jus
💕Palate cleanser
Smoked chocolate, strawberry and basil
💕Orange dessert
Mandarine, carrot, mango, kumquat, orange, pumpkin ,egg yolk ice cream
💕Petit fours

My fav will be Homemade raviolis roasted lamb shoulder & scampi broth.
The homemade Ravioli stuffed with roasted minced lamb leg shoulder for 3 hours and combine with vegetable, served with delicious langoustine consommé

💰$180 per person

16 Stanley Street

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