They have sweet and savoury dish options with 2 sourdough waffles too but they cost $21 and $23 respectively. I decide to get this at half the price.

The waffles are soft, fluffy and sour with crystallised sugar on top. I have enjoyed sourdough breads and donuts with the sour tang and this sourdough waffle does have the tang but somehow I don’t enjoy it as much with the toppings.

I tried it with salted caramel, maple syrup, strawberry jam, butter and peanut butter. They all don’t complement the waffle. The waffles taste the best plain (on hindsight I should have sprinkled more sugar on top - I think the waffle works best with sugar)

Don’t go ordering this expecting it to taste like your regular waffles - it doesn’t. Order if you are a sourdough fan and if you prefer your waffles soft and fluffy.