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2nd try at this bakery as I found the plain croissant disappointing - bready and not flaky - during my first time here.

I heated the pastry this time. Chocolate croissant was flaky and they are generous with the filling. It does not taste like cheap chocolate and it is not nutella (yes! I hate low quality chocolate and nutella - especially in my pastries). It’s a good chocolate croissant.

Savoury scroll has pesto and cheese baked in the pastry and sprinkled with parmesan on top. It was too heavy for me - the cheese made the buttery pastry stodgier and oiler.

Mother dough is still my favourite for viennoiseries.

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Doughnuts on Sunday only starting from 1pm.

The doughnuts are fluffy and tangy - like those old school bakery fluffy doughnut but with a sour tang. Flavours change every 2-3 weeks (I think) and there are 2-3 flavours each time.

I have tried 11 flavours (Cinnamon sugar, sumac sugar, cardamon sugar, earl grey glazed, vanilla glazed with sesame, almond and cinnamon, strawberry glazed, chocolate glazed with seasalt, maple glazed, mixed berries glazed, cinnamon glazed, passion fruit glazed with desiccated coconut) and my favourite is maple glazed.

Best doughnuts in Singapore for me but oh so elusive. Be prepared to queue, and wait and wait and sometimes they get sold out.

Tomato, cheese, bacon roll - the bread is fluffy with bacon wrapped around the dough, tomato paste inside and melted cheese on top. Japanese bakery kind of bread roll.

Triple chocolate danish - danish with generous amount of dark chocolate inside. Reminds me of breadtalk/4 leaves chocolate croissant actually.

Kouign Amann - I’ve not tried any before so no room for comparison but it was too sweet for me.

For the price paid, I am underwhelmed by the pastries. It was not bad, but not exceptional either.

Rainbow bagel with seasalt butter and homemade kaya. It is more expensive than their schmears ($6/$7 on average). The butter and kaya is served chilled.

Rainbow bagel tasted like their plain bagel. They are very generous with the kaya, butter and seasalt. Their homemade kaya is good. It is creamy, not so sweet and thus you don’t get gelat finishing the overflowing kaya.

This is the bagel to get if you need an excuse to eat kaya and butter. I hope homemade kaya can be on their schmears menu in the future.

They have sweet and savoury dish options with 2 sourdough waffles too but they cost $21 and $23 respectively. I decide to get this at half the price.

The waffles are soft, fluffy and sour with crystallised sugar on top. I have enjoyed sourdough breads and donuts with the sour tang and this sourdough waffle does have the tang but somehow I don’t enjoy it as much with the toppings.

I tried it with salted caramel, maple syrup, strawberry jam, butter and peanut butter. They all don’t complement the waffle. The waffles taste the best plain (on hindsight I should have sprinkled more sugar on top - I think the waffle works best with sugar)

Don’t go ordering this expecting it to taste like your regular waffles - it doesn’t. Order if you are a sourdough fan and if you prefer your waffles soft and fluffy.

Their sourdough plain croissant seems to be their bestseller and I can’t resist sourdough bakes. However, I don’t get it this time.

The croissant is slightly dense and bready. The outer layer is crisp but slightly hard and dense instead of being light and flaky. I really don’t enjoy it.

Not for me.

Cheddar omelette, caramelised onions, lettuce, tomato, butter in sourdough roll.

Their sandwiches are always huge and filling. I think it’s one of their most value for money options. I like that the bread is tangy with a crispy crust - be prepared for some jaw workout. I enjoyed the sesame on this vs their usual sunflower seeds on their other sourdough roll.

The ingredients are simple, but tasty and well seasoned. I have tried their fried egg sandwich, fluffy egg sandwich and bakery sarnie and I like them all.

I always get one of their sandwiches along with some other random bakes

Tartine with roasted cauliflower, onions, hummus, amba, tahini. They are very generous with the ingredients. It may looks small but it fills you up. I love roasted cauliflower and hummus so I know I will love this. The creaminess of the tahini and freshness of the onions adds another dimension to the richness of the hummus and just works with the roasted cauliflower.

Rustic apple tart with frangipane filling. A slice of apple on top of generous frangipane filling -that is not sweet- in a buttery shortcrust pastry tart.

It was a 40 minute queue under the scorching hot sun with maybe 10 people in front of me at 1030am on a Saturday. The queue moves slowly.

Only go if you are prepared: 1) to queue, 2) that the bakes you want will get sold out while you are queuing - this is the biggest bummer for me. That’s why I don’t go as often.

2nd time trying this and yes, I still think they are overhyped.

The croissant is soft, not too buttery, not flaky and taste like croissant from any neighbourhood bakery. But they are generous with the filling.

PB&J seems to be the most popular flavour but the peanut butter tastes like Skippy peanut butter -yucks. I only buy natural peanut butter and they taste so much better. There’s also very little jam compared to peanut butter. At $4.80, I expect higher quality filling.

The kaya filling is too sweet for me and taste like normal generic kaya. I think four leaves kaya croissant taste nicer and it’s much cheaper.

But, their burnt cheesecake is good. I will return for that.

Poached pear tart didn’t taste like I thought it would be and that’s not a bad thing at all. It is a rustic poached peach tart with frangipane like filling - that is not sweet at all - topped with poached pear. I like this. I have never had a fruit tart like this.

Babka with cinnamon, raisin and dark chocolate is average. Babka is slightly dense and there is not enough filling for me.

The queue is crazy on weekends. Do come early if you do not want to miss out on your favs.

Roasted heirloom tomatoes, burrata, sage pesto and pecans on grilled flatbread.

The portion is generous and flatbread is nicely grilled. The dish and its flavour combination works - sweet roasted tomatoes, creamy burrata, pesto and the crunch from the pecans with nicely grilled bread.

I can see why it’s always sold out on the weekends that I went. One of my favs along with their ricotta tartine. They also serve great coffee - strong and not acidic.

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They have toasties from Friday to Sunday (till sold out). Flavour of the toasties change monthly. Think grilled cheese sandwich with various flavour combinations.

Curry hummus, whole grain mustard, crispy chilli garlic, sesame seeds, greens on whole wheat sourdough. I have tried many of their toasties and are partial to their meat free toasties.

The bread is well buttered and toasted and they are generous with the cheese. The toastie is a flavour bomb - it is both salty and slightly spicy. It does get abit heavy when you eat the second half so do share so you can enjoy more pastries but I have no problem finishing it on my own.


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