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Vegan, gluten free.

Fudgy chocolatey brownie that is not too sweet. I wish there are nuts / fruits or some filling in the brownie because the fudgy chocolate got cloying. I also prefer brownie that is chewy with a crisp exterior and this is not that.

However, for a vegan, gluten free brownie this impressed me. It is not dense, hard, dry, cakey or weird (in a sense that it does not taste like brownie at all).

Not bad but not great either.

Nut butter, cacao nibs, sea salt.

Really generous with the natural nut butter. Toast seemed like some brioche / buttery bread which was really soft and fluffy.

You could probably make it yourself at home but I don’t mind paying for this.

Couldn’t taste the white chocolate at all (maybe it was the label for 2 separate scones and I mistook it for one?)

It was a big scone with crispy outsides and soft insides studded with plenty of dried cranberry. I’d have preferred the scone to be smaller for a better crisp to soft ratio as I really liked the crispy exterior. Good for sharing.

Quite good. Will buy again if it was smaller and cheaper.

Tasted like a plain croissant. Could not really taste any kinako.

Croissant was fluffy inside, not dense. Wished it was more buttery. Above average croissant - better than your neighbourhood bakery but not my favourite.

Will not make a special trip down to get their bakes.

Mushroom, potato, bechamel, aged cheddar.

Toppings were just okay flavour wise. Dough was plain tasting. It tasted much better toasted with crisper edges as it was quite doughy before toasting.

Underwhelming for the price. Have enjoyed too many really tasty savoury bakes at other artisanal sourdough bakeries to come back again.

Jalapeños, onions, 2 types of cheese (think it was cheddar and some soft white cheese)

Loved the flavour. Generous amount of cheese with hint of heat from the jalapeños. Their sourdough don’t have the distinct sour tang (to me).

Mini size cinnamon roll with raisins. Bread was really soft and fluffy with crispier edges outside. Loved the filling to bread ratio (some cinnamon roll has too much plain bread which I don’t like).

Tasty, kinda pricey but I like. Will buy again.

Burrata, garlic butter, sea salt, balsamic (I think).

Burrata was creamy. Flavours work well together. Taste good but I prefer the Appenzeller cheese toast. Not something I will order again. White coffee was not bad - strong and not acidic.

Raw butter, walnut, cheese on sourdough fruit loaf.

Loved the strong tasting, hard cheese. Wished there were more fruits in the loaf because it was overpowered by the cheese + butter. Still enjoyed this though. Preferred this over the burrata on toast.

Will order again.

Liked the buttery shortbread-biscuity pie. Dark chocolate ganache was good but I wished there was more filling to go with the crust. Taste good but I thought a fruity filling would taste better.

Chicken meatballs with arrabbiata sauce. The 3 meatballs taste good - flavourful, not tough and dry. A tasty savoury danish for sure but not sure if it is $9 tasty though.

Reminds me of swedish cinnamon bun but with sticky coffee filling instead. They are quite generous with the filling - which I like. Don’t mind getting this again.

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