I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this place sure knows how to make a mean grilled cheese sammich! Like a sloppy, obese long-term boyfriend, it just gets even meaner, bigger and badder with time(yeah, I actually compared pictures and it DID become more substantial?!), leaving you hopelessly addicted and always crawling back for more. One simply can’t forget the texture of that thick, creamy cheese that oozes out upon cutting through slices of toast that are heavily buttered and slathered in truffle bits😍
We also gave the avocado toast a try and were seriously impressed! The smashed avocado component comes as a humongous mass stacked atop a slice of sourdough, interspersed with quinoa, feta cheese and lightly spiced with a sauce that vaguely resembles kimchi. On top of that(literally and figuratively), TWO jiggly poached eggs are perched precariously, as if the slightest quiver of the plate can - and will - lead to their premature demise. When it’s Sunday brunch day and you’re seeking a hearty meal, Club Street Social is where you want to be!