Guys, I know the North has very few nice dessert choices....I feel you. But fret not, found this place which really can quite hit the spot for dessert lovers out there! It's located at Jalan Tampang, the shop building opposite the famous bai mee fen coffee shop. Both desserts bought were delish. The first one was durian crispy pancake. The crispness of the pancake was their selling point! Durian was also, yummy, as usual. 👍🏻👍🏻 next was the matcha waffles. Their selling point for this was in their waffle! Crispy and good! Matcha ice cream not real matcha tho. Anyhow, I must say this dessert place surprised me! 😌paid $13.90 for the two desserts. A bit pricy for the location, but nevertheless worth a try! 😋😋