The Dashi is not weak, unlike most. There's a substantial body, and a lot of umami. Really good. Noodles on the soft side. Egg was perfect, jammy inside. The char siew is abit dry tho. Smoked duck was utterly amazing, packed full of flavour. It's like the NTUC chilled one(which is alr good) on crack

However, the chili oil is the surprising. Component. I mean, if they dare charge 2bucks for oil, there's gotta be reason right? And it turns out to be very good reason. Not very spicy, but super aromatic from the chili and somehow despite it lacking body itself, combines with the Dashi broth to become a completely different beast with a chili body and you can't rlly taste the Dashi anymore. Fabulous

Must try. Esp when there's no queue at 1130am on a Saturday