Of all the wanton mee stalls that are open for breakfast at Haig Road Hawker Centre, the one I like best is "Zhenguang Hollywood Wantan Noodles" at #01-67.
This place is "old school" and that's precisely why they are my top pick. There is no rushing or shortcuts for these folks when it comes to preparing each plate, but the great thing is they are aware they take more time. So for customers' convenience, like on all my previous visits, they will ask you to take a seat and then serve you your order when it's ready.
I like the chilli and the texture of the noodles here - they always arrive already evenly mixed by the hawker. So if you start eating immediately, there's minimal tossing to be done. What's more, their dumplings are very fresh-tasting and well-seasoned. A $3 serving gets you four of them, which I think, is really good value.

Wait there are pink tables there?
Jason Wong Yes, there are pink tables at Haig Road hawker centre πŸ˜„
Jason Wong Please don't confuse it with Dunman Hawker Centre πŸ˜†
Veronica Phua I know we ate talking abt haig rd πŸ™„
Jason Wong Lol! Good 😁