Not all Mr beans are the same ....

I have this indescribable urge to get mr bean’s chunky peanut butter pancakes everytime I walk by.

It’s just that fine balance of sweet ( not so sweet) and savoury peanut butter with very very chunky grounded peanut that I absolutely love .

I have ordered this in a few other outlets but was disappointed because the pancakes were a bit stiff ( probably from the reheating of the pancakes after they have been made for some time ).

The pancakes at Raffles Place are always fresh and soft and warm because the turnover is high .
The chunky peanut butter still maintains a lava like consistency . But once they cool , they pretty much harden .

I had one bad experience at a particular mr bean where the pancake was hard and dry and the peanut filling was solidified .

Will always get my pancake fix from Raffles Place now 😊