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I squeal with excitement when I find a place serving good desserts . I like anything old school - from an old fashion butter cake to a homemade Apple tart. For something more luxurious , ice cream and waffles will always be my default choice
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Not as good as my first experience- the chocolate filling this time was significantly more grainy and not as “ clean “ tasting as the first time . Felt that it was a little greasy this time . Possibly the use of more butter and less chocolate i feel .

The different origin chocolates which are displayed for your sampling are no doubt still very good .

Service was cold and unwelcoming this evening - unlike the warm service which I experienced before .

Hope the tart would be restored to its former glory .

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ....

Apples and cinnamon and buttery crumbs ....
One of my favourite desserts from Pete’s Place.

Moist and crumbly and crusty at the same time.


Pete’s Place lunch buffet

These are the best molten deep dark chocolate cakes I have eaten.

Rich dark chocolate with a velvety smooth cake texture .

No flowy centre but more like a rich chocolatey paste like centre which works very well for me .

Best part of all ?

It’s not too sweet at all - so for all of you dark chocolate lovers.


Everything matcha

Was craving for a good matcha fix and what better than a matcha sesame cake and a matcha latte .

The matcha latte was the best I have had in my entire xxxx years since I started drinking matcha latte . It was so good that I had to walk up to
The barista to congratulate him on his skills . Henceforth - I will be keeping a looking for him to
Make that same awesome matcha latte for me .

The cake was however , dismal - it lacked matcha flavour and the black sesame did not to adorn the cake . The black sesame cream had no authentic black sesame fragrance and had a slight oily feel to it that I didn’t really like. Not worth the 5 dollars - needs major overhaul and improvement .

Go for the matcha latte I say .

The star of this evening was definitely this creamy avocado ice cream sweetened with gula Melaka .
Authentic 🥑 flavour shinning through from the ice cream - lovely !

However the waffle was a real let down.

It was quite dry and stiff - not fresh and hot as I would have liked it to be . It almost feels like this was pre made , set aside and then tossed back into the toasted before serving .

For those of you who love a good chocolate Soft serve , you can get unlimited servings of this at straits kitchen’s buffet lunch and dinner .

The dispenser just brings so much joy because you can have as many servings as you require.

The chocolate soft serve has a good chocolate flavour - slightly bitter and not so sweet which is perfect for me .

You pay x dollars for this at branded cafes - so why not head here to eat your fill ? 😂

The best homemade coconut soft serve ever .

Smooth , creamy and decadent.

Choose to TOP up with your choice of condiments like gula Melaka , or fresh mangoes .

Part of the straits kitchen’s lunch buffet - worth every dime .

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When you have an unexplainable chocolate craving which needs to be satiated, you can count on the chocolate fudge cake from Cedele .
Made with olive oil and beetroot , this was guilt- less and pretty enjoyable .

The trick is to ask for you cake to be warmed up 15 secs because I tried that today and found the cake to be much more enjoyable .

The long black at the Raffles City outlet is also smoother than Than the other Cedele outlets and tends to be less sour.

What could be better than an afternoon with moist blueberry scones. Perfectly crips on the outside and soft and crumbly inside .

At 10 Scotts , you can eat all the scones you want ...

Better still with their homemade clotted cream , raspberry jam and chunky orange marmalade ....

Caution - very addictive . . .

For those of us who love a bit of variety in everything we do 😍

Tom’s palette allows you to choose 2 flavours for their single cup flavour and best part is that there is no distinguishing between premier and standard flavours .

The best berry type of ice cream I have tasted so far ( made Witt 4 types of berries ) and one of the best alcoholic chocolate flavours ( the best one for me is still the orange choc butters from udders ).

The cup is pretty small but that helps with your portion control - so why not ? 😚

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When you crave for coffee but it’s too late for coffee ☕️.

You get a coffee muffin 🤣!

Great coffee flavour but it was rather dense - would have liked it to be a little more fluffy .

Fully blown away by the texture and the flavours of the ice cream at geometry .

The black sesame and goma ice cream was so aromatic and smooth and the great part was that it was not too sweet at all .

Excited to go back for more !

I dream of food .

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