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I squeal with excitement when I find a place serving good desserts . I like anything old school - from an old fashion butter cake to a homemade Apple tart. For something more luxurious , ice cream and waffles will always be my default choice
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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After a series of Ching Chong Chinese food and course after course of Chinese dinners , what better than a waffle and ice cream ?

Love this bailey’s chocolate chip ice cream with the light and crisp waffle.

Daily scoop never fails .



Fluffy as clouds .... ...

I used to have to get to the east to get my Putu Piring fix but thanks to Azizd’s Putu Piring ,
I can now get my Putu Piring with ease.

I love that this Putu piring is so fluffy and the the ratio of flour to gula Melaka is just right .

I actually prefer this to the one I had in the east .

I am not surprised if Long queues start forming .

For those of you who are as easily lost like me , this Hawker is the one next to OG people’s park.
( yes - the one with lots and lots of china food stalls )

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Old school waffles 😀...

I like how eggy and fragrant this waffle is.
It is slightly crisp on the exterior and soft and moist inside .

Paired with a high quality vanilla bean ice cream and topped with a mint leaf 😀

Simple things done right .

All that I need to wind down after a Long week ... ...

Thick , velvety and smooth chocolate .

My default carrot cake to go to for a quick carrot cake fix 😊

For less than 5 dollars ( gst included ), you get a pretty huge and moist carrot cake with lots and lots of crunchy walnuts and a not so sweet cream cheese frosting.

Cedele used to be my first love but less so given that their carrot cakes tend to be pretty dry these days and overly creamed with cream cheese . I want more of the cake and less of the cream 🐹....

Bakefresh by Tina Sim

My favourite bakery for spongy and tender muffins that are not too sweet.

While most would still opt for choc and Spice’s muffins - I find them overly sweet.

I love the banana and walnut and the Apple muffin from bakefresh - homemade goodness just like from your mum ‘s oven.

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I was craving for black sesame this evening and was excited to try daily scoop’s black sesame flavour .

A little disappointed that the black sesame fics cream was a little too milky and the ice cream was a little too sweet for me .

Will stick to the safer flavours like avacado and simply chocolate next time 😊

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When you are carving for a good ole banana cake, Atkin to one that is homemade, five loaves has the best off the shelf banana cake .

It’s soft , moist , not too sweet and best still made with natural bananas and not banana Essence .
It’s made partially with wholemeal flour and partially with normal flour and trust me - it just tastes so good.

It doesn’t have that odd baking soda taste that the ones baked by hiap joo (from jb ) exudes. So why queue ?

Five loaves banana cakes can be found in the bread section at ntuc finest outlets.

It comes in a loaf encased in a plastic casing 😊

At 4.75 , this pretty huge loaf is worthwhile if you are too lazy to bake.

Finally found time to make a trip to juju at Botanic Gardens.

I had a double flavour cup of pink dragon fruit and mango and passion fruit . This bowl is as healthy as it can get - sweetened naturally with dates and natural fruits .

Topped with granola , nut butter , chocolate sauce , banana slices , blueberries and Chia pudding.

Delicious !


When all you need is just an old school coconut tart and a rich cup of Kopi for a splendid afternoon tea.

I like that the coconut tarts here are not overly greasy and not too sweet .

The Kopi -o here is one of my favourites . Rich and aromatic .

Absolutely my favourite pancakes of all time.
Buttery and fluffy .

If you love both chocolate and blueberry, order the chocolate pancakes and add on the blueberry sauce for an additional 2 dollars.

Be warned of a pancake - coma .....

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When it’s raining cats and dogs outside, it’s the best excuse to stay indoors for a cake and a cup of tea.

Am loving this extremely moist and tender orange carrot cake from Cedele. Every forkful boasts an explosion of orange flavour.

The frosting was pretty to look at but in my opinion, not necessarily since the cake was already sufficiently sweet .

I dream of food .

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