I squeal with excitement when I find a place serving good desserts . I like anything old school - from an old fashion butter cake to a homemade Apple tart. For something more luxurious , ice cream and waffles will always be my default choice
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Missing that cup of cappuccino .

Anyone of your coffee - deprived too ?

Anyone in need of a sugar rush ?

Cedele’s amazing espresso banana cake for you for afternoon tea ?

Got the whole cake at 20 percent discount in their recent bake sale .

Woo- hoo!

You can find this at a kiosk at Orchard (Shaw) Isetan supermarket .

Crisp, not too sweet .

Perfect for an afternoon treat at home :)

The kiosk will be there till this evening only :)

Quite like toast box’s banana cake.

Could do with less sugar but at least it was moist and not too much of that fake banana essence .

Looking more elegant on my nice white plate and own tea cup 🤣

If only a video was allowed to be posted here - I could show you a video of how crumbly Amd gooey this was .

The apple filling is tart and not the sickeningly sweet kind .

The pastry is crusty , tender and light .

Probably the best apple pie ever .

Skip the brunch items and dive Straight to these fluffy magic pancakes .

I think there is some magic in these - keeps you coming back .

What better than buttery , soft and airy pancakes in their weather .


Hold on - the weekend is around the corner .

Matcha sponge cake with black sesame cream,

Moist , soft , fluffy and not too sweet .

Passed by micro a few times and saw this cake waving at me .

6 dollars is a little too much to pay I feel for a cake this size but since there’s a special occasion to celebrate -
Just this once !

I love the deep flavours of the cake but the dark chocolate chunks were slightly too big and too evident- wished they were a little more subtle.

Pretty moist and not too sweet.

Pleasant afternoon treat .

If this was priced a little more affordable ......


Always moist and fluffy and fresh.

My favourite cake from cedele .

GAO! Best black sesame ice cream ever .

That’s basically how good it was 🥰.

Authentic and rich black sesame flavour - beats all the “ famous “ ice cream cafes out there .

I liked that the ice cream was not too sweet and the portions were generous.

Very nice of the owner to provide free drinking water and he served it to the table .

Quaint cafe in this sleepy neighbourhood of Tanglin halt .

Not just the ordinary ondeh ondeh but QQ ondeh ondeh made with sweet potatoes and filled with flavour bursting gula meleka.

Just 2 dollars for a box of 4 plump ondeh ondeh.

So glad to get my ondeh ondeh fix here today 🥰.


Pretty disappointing molten cake - the chocolate was not authentic and the filling was much too greasy - left an unpleasant greasy aftertaste .

The idea of having an extremely hot cake over ice cream doesn’t work too - the ice cream melted so quickly and can I add that the ice cream was so sweet - I couldn’t bear it .

For the same price - I prefer the molten chocolate cake from saizeriya . Authentic chocolate flavour and right balance of the cake and the molten chocolate . The cake size is also much more generous in size :)

I dream of food .

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