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I squeal with excitement when I find a place serving good desserts . I like anything old school - from an old fashion butter cake to a homemade Apple tart. For something more luxurious , ice cream and waffles will always be my default choice
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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Not all Mr beans are the same ....

I have this indescribable urge to get mr bean’s chunky peanut butter pancakes everytime I walk by.

It’s just that fine balance of sweet ( not so sweet) and savoury peanut butter with very very chunky grounded peanut that I absolutely love .

I have ordered this in a few other outlets but was disappointed because the pancakes were a bit stiff ( probably from the reheating of the pancakes after they have been made for some time ).

The pancakes at Raffles Place are always fresh and soft and warm because the turnover is high .
The chunky peanut butter still maintains a lava like consistency . But once they cool , they pretty much harden .

I had one bad experience at a particular mr bean where the pancake was hard and dry and the peanut filling was solidified .

Will always get my pancake fix from Raffles Place now 😊

This Apple tart by marche is incredibly crisp , aromatic and filled with lots of juicy and tart sliced apples .

Ask for your Apple pie to be warmed up in the oven ( even though the staff will encourage you to use the microwave for a shorter waiting time )

Accompanied with a vanilla bean sauce - this is one of the best Apple tarts I have had 😊

I have been craving for a good ole pancake all week .

Yes - I have tried the soufflé ones and the airy ones from Japanese cafes but none habe satiated my pancake craving .

I need a real good ole pancake and I must say Cedele does them best - or at least the way I like them . Filled with juicy fresh blueberries and a slight crisp outer layer with a rather fluffy and moist interior - this was heaven 🌈

Paired with the vegan 🌱 gula Melaka ice cream which was extremely creamy with a good authentic avacado taste - I must say this is my new favourite place for a good avacado ice cream .

I appreciate how the chocolate sauce was of high quality and had a good chocolate flavour and not just a chocolate syrup type of sauce.

It is seldom that both pancakes and ice cream are both delicious but in this case it was and I was extremely extremely pleased 😊

Pancake cravings met !


When I need a consistently good soy cappuccino, it can only be cafe beviamo.

Incredibly smooth , creamy and a nice coffee aroma that is well balanced not acidic.

Indeed - award winning coffee .

I am loving this chocolate coffee walnut cake from kind kones - and even a little bit more so than their ice cream😜

Everything is vegan here - not necessarily saying that it’s more healthy but it will suit the diet of those who can’t eat eggs and dairy 🥛 products .

The coffee walnut cake is fluffy , moist and has a light aroma of dates ( even though dates are not mentioned as one of its ingredients ) . Really one of the best cakes I have eaten .

Pair this with their chocolate sorbet for a chocolate 🍫 coma .

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I actually fancy the baked goods at kind kones as much as I like their ice creams .

After a satisfying dinner at ah Hoi , what better than to wash it all down with desserts ( with a lesser guilt ) 😜

Desserts that are vegan and sweetened only with unrefined sugar , how much more healthy can it get ?

I had the coffee and chocolate walnut cake the first round and I absolutely loved it to bits ! How can a vegan cake be so fluffy and moist ? There was a subtle flavour of dates which I really enjoyed as well .

The baked chocolate donut 🍩 is more of a moist chocolate cake made with cocoa powder and almond flour . Dense , not too sweet and rich - also very filling so I suggest you share 😊

I like the chocolate sorbet which is made just with

For 3 dollars each , it is of enormous value -
Definitely mispriced so please go have your fill before prices start increasing .

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When in need of a quick cake 🍰 fix ....

Cedele always comes to my mind when I need a quick coffee and cake fix.

I have since ceased ordering the infamous Cedele carrot cake because I find the cream cheese rather cloying and thick And the cake a little too dry and dense these days .

So I have gone for the lemon cloud ⛅️ cake , the strawberry 🍓 fields cake and today , the Black Forest 🌳 cake . I must say that I enjoyed the Black Forest cake - the chocolate sponge was fluffy and the cream was merciful on the waist given that it was light and was not too cloying.
The Cherries provided a nice burst of moisture to the cake - I would have liked the alcohol to come through stronger but this is still one for the better black forest cakes I have had .

Coffee and cake set for 9.50.
Pretty value for money .

This may look seemingly plain or ordinary but this Apple tart from marche is probably the best I have eaten.

The apples are well cooked without being too soft or sweet - just the nice crunch and the pastry base is crisp and buttery . The best part is that marche prides itself in using good butter for their pastries so what you get is a really awesome buttery flavour - not some imposter butter flavour along the lines of some pastries / petit croissants that I have come across elsewhere .

Ask for your Apple tart to be heated up ( in the oven PLEASE and not the microwave ) and ask for a side of vanilla sauce to drench over just before serving .

The result is dangerously good .

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It’s hard to find a vegan cake especially a lemon one -

I finally found one .

And what’s better than a cake made with organic lemons , unrefined sugar and frosted with cashew cream .

Totally refreshing and light on the palate .

Great way to kick start the weekend .

Yesterday once more .....

A pretty sad Sunday for me as today spells the end of Dong Po’s journey after a good six years .

Have been back to the cafe almost every other day since i knew about their impending closure .

Managed to pack my rum cakes and coconut tarts back home to savour ....

Got the refreshing Lemongrass tea today for the sweltering weather and the usual old fashioned coconut tart .

I will miss this familiar space and hopefully they will be back somewhere , somehow .

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Sunny strawberry 🍓 with waffles

To celebrate the approaching weekend -
What better than a no frills waffle and ice cream .

My favourite place for a reliable waffle and all natural ice cream .

This cake sang its way into my heart .....

Quite rare to find a hummingbird cake these days ... and what more an excellent one .

Just like what would be dished out from you nonna’s kitchen . Moist cake filled generously with pecans, juicy pineapples and topped with a not so sweet frosting with delectable toasted coconut shavings.

This cake is just way too good . ..

I dream of food .

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