Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions


I squeal with excitement when I find a place serving good desserts . I like anything old school - from an old fashion butter cake to a homemade Apple tart. For something more luxurious , ice cream and waffles will always be my default choice
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Beautiful cup of houjicha with a light rose fragrance from the French rose petals.

Need to stay home yet also need to support businesses - how ?

A little disappointed this time ... couldn’t quite detect the distinct sourdough taste of the waffles .

And truly a little steep in price at 8 dollars for a plain Waffle .

I am not a fan of chendol but when I first tasted this chendol , I was converted .

Plump jelly , homemade red beans , a very very aromatic gula Melaka .

Granted that the hawker scene has been affected during this period - but I found a steady stream of customers both young and old alike visiting this stall .

Let’s chendol the virus !

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I am loving the new range of cakes from y y .

Especially this orange chiffon that’s bursting with authentic orange flavour .

Soft , spongy and not too sweet .

This was Wolfed down in seconds ....

Not cheap at 2 dollars for a rather thin cut of cake but worth a try 😉

I see you , do you see me ?

Incredible donuts that Are made fresh and made in-house daily .

Fluffy with a deep taste from the long fermentation and rest of the bread dough .

My new favourite .

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Quite an enjoyable homemade style muffin from the headless baker .

Tart black berries balanced out with white choc late .

Not too sweet at all.

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Loving these hot cross buns from cedele .

Perfumed with Fresh orange juice and cranberries . Fluffy and aromatic .

Best when lightly toasted in the toaster ( not microwave please .....)

Absolutely matcha- licious .

For those matcha crazy fans who dislike too milky or too sweet ice cream - this one is for you .

Was having a bad throat and this really did the trick to sooth my throat .


One of the best pandan chiffons I have eaten in a long while .

Soft and not too sweet and made only with fresh pandan extract - nothing artificial .

This old school bakery ( which someone reminds me of love confectionary at Alexandra village ) hides in a corner of Commonwealth ( near the hawker centre ) and has been providing fresh bakes for the last 50 years .

They also have cute small little cream cakes , Swiss rolls , whole marble and butter cakes and the quintessential ole school spongy vanilla cup cakes .

I hope they continue to stay around for many many for years to come .

Loving the taste and consistency of the red bean soups from Koufu .

I have gone to a few Koufu and the dessert standards are generally consistent and excellent .

Packed with lots of red beans and cooked till the beans are soft - almost like a 红豆沙。

Not too sweet and lovely with that alluring orange peel taste .

Can skip their food stalls but must certainly give their desserts a try :)

Back at ah lock for my usual dose of charcoal peanut pancake .

Fluffy with a good bite but not too dense or doughy - and a sandy nice peanut crunch that’s not too sweet . The filing used to be more peanut-ty but it’s a little wetter now - tasting more like peanut butter .

Still nice ! I love those crispy parts at the sides .

Service is friendly 😇

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Finally found chance to visit this dessert cafe after reading so much about it .

Was expecting great stuff but quite disappointed .

Both the sesame and almond were watered down so it lacks the robustness of Cantonese desserts .

I dream of food .

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