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I squeal with excitement when I find a place serving good desserts . I like anything old school - from an old fashion butter cake to a homemade Apple tart. For something more luxurious , ice cream and waffles will always be my default choice
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

What could be better than an afternoon with moist blueberry scones. Perfectly crips on the outside and soft and crumbly inside .

At 10 Scotts , you can eat all the scones you want ...

Better still with their homemade clotted cream , raspberry jam and chunky orange marmalade ....

Caution - very addictive . . .

For those of us who love a bit of variety in everything we do 😍

Tom’s palette allows you to choose 2 flavours for their single cup flavour and best part is that there is no distinguishing between premier and standard flavours .

The best berry type of ice cream I have tasted so far ( made Witt 4 types of berries ) and one of the best alcoholic chocolate flavours ( the best one for me is still the orange choc butters from udders ).

The cup is pretty small but that helps with your portion control - so why not ? 😚

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When you crave for coffee but it’s too late for coffee ☕️.

You get a coffee muffin 🤣!

Great coffee flavour but it was rather dense - would have liked it to be a little more fluffy .

Fully blown away by the texture and the flavours of the ice cream at geometry .

The black sesame and goma ice cream was so aromatic and smooth and the great part was that it was not too sweet at all .

Excited to go back for more !

A pretty petite cup size but you get bang for your buck for the authenticity of flavour .

Deep matcha flavour with the bitter undertone that I like. The best part is that you can customise how sweet or less sweet you like your matcha latte to be - unlike most establishments where they used pre mixed matcha latte powder which is already sweetened and sometimes too sweet for life’s sake.

Very delightful cup of matcha latte- my new matcha haven.

Possibly better than the ones I had at hvala 😊or tsujiri - hmm.....

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Deep intense matcha flavour with a good balance of decadent dark chocolate coating just at the bottom of the cake.

Part of 10 Scott’s dessert tray which has its desserts rotated so you get something new everytime you come.

One of the best matcha flavoured treats I have had in a Long time .

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Back to Lemuel for my sea salt chocolate tart .

A little disappointed that the tart was overly salted with sea salt this time round and somehow the chocolate was not as smooth and or intense as I remembered it to be .

Nevertheless still a nice after dinner treat .

I walked past this stall specialising in coconut ice cream and natural coconut water countless times but for some reason haven’t had chance to try .

But was craving for everything coconut today and what better than the premium coconut set with a single scoop of premium coconut ice cream with 2 toppings of your choice and half a cup of pure coconut water.

The premium coconut ice cream is less sweet and slightly more creamy than the signature ice cream so I’d recommend you go for the premium scoop.

I love the warm service from the server and her brilliant recommendation of the toasted coconut flakes for my toppings .

Served in a coconut shell with the coconut meat already scrapped up for you , all you need to do is to dig in with your spoon .

You get a mouthful of authentic coconut ice cream , coconut flesh ( scrapped from the shell) and toasted coconut shavings . Then wash it all down with the refreshing coconut juice .

6.90 is definitely not cheap but it’s worth every penny .

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ‘s widely read book on “flow “ explains that it is a state where a person performing an activity is in an immense state of enjoyment and where there is complete self absorption resulting in a loss of sense of time and space .

While the surroundings echo with loud laughters and group talks - all I could see and taste and feel was my brandied cherry 🍒 ice cream .

Completely absorbed in it .

The best way to start the weekend .

You can always find a reliable mid day snack at Cedele .

This banana Crumble boasts of a moist buttery soft cake adorned with generous bananas and oat and walnut clusters .

Best warmed up and paired with an organic Lemongrass tea .

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Gotcha ! matcha-liCious !

These days I am matcha-crazy.
Anything matcha and my red alert 🚨 sirens !

I’d usually not go for fads and queues .
But being strategically at suntec today and that there was NO QUEUE 😱. It had to be my day !

The matcha red bean pancake was good. Crisp at the edges and sufficiently soft when eaten fresh .
Mine came right off the hot pan. I appreciate the creaminess of the red beans and that they are not too sweet at all.( the red bean fillings of the pancakes at the Taka basement supermarket is way too sweet ). The red beans are sourced from Taiwan’s pin tung - one of the best places you can possibly source red beans because of the fertile soil and desirable climate. I would have loved for the matcha pancakes to have a little more matcha- Omph given the price . But in general - still acceptable .

I paired it with a soy matcha latte and really enjoyed the creaminess of the matcha latte and how it was not too sweet at all .

6.90 for a set of pancake and drink is not extremely cheap but since these hail from Hokkaido - I Guess the once in a while indulgence is ok.

What’s more YOLO ! 😁

Back to kind kones but in no mood for ice cream .

Instead - I have come for their coffee walnut cake which is so moist , filled with walnuts and a nice date flavour .

Not too sweet - this is perfect for an afternoon tea treat .

At 3 dollars , this is a steal .

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I dream of food .

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