Introducing New Ubin Seafood’s latest creation - @ubinexpress !

Featured here are the following items:
-Authentic Heart Attack Fried Rice with House Smoked Pork ($8.50): This is a highly recommend main menu item! The dark cloured fried rice is cooked with beef fat and drippings! Every grain is caramelised to perfection! Love the wokhey smoky flavours! The smoked pork was very tasty delicious too! A special ingredient that you rarely find elsewhere for fried rice!

-Boss Bee Hoon with Seasoned Prawns ($8.30): This was SO SO GOOD! The beehoon had lots of wok hey flavours! There is chilli padi, fish cake and egg in the beehoon too! You can also request for more sambal chilli sauce to further spicy up the shiokness level!

-Hei Chor ($10): Who else loves Hei Chor! This is my must order item at every “tze char style” dining. This hei chor contains minced pork with juicy water chestnut. Goes well with the sweet dipping sauce!

-Squid Paste Youtiao ($10): Another one of my favourite chinese tze char starter side dish! This was fried till crunchy with a smooth delicious squid paste! Goes very well with the mayo sauce!

To have these affordable and tasty meals check out their website at to order now! You can pre-order for self pick up or have it delivered to your doorstep!

They are located at City Gate, 371 Beach Road, 02-29, Singapore 199597

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