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An impromptu 7am trip to Jewel brought us to the food basement where me and my partner bought some mochi ice cream in Korean Banana Milk, Thai Iced Tea and Salted Caramel flavors. These 3 mochi balls cost $6.20 altogether.

The mochis were frozen and came in quarters in a cute little cup. The mochi layer was soft and powdery and the ice cream was strongly flavored and rich, especially the banana one. I especially adored the salted caramel ice cream with its contrasting sweet and salty notes (although I'm biased because salted caramel is hands down my fave ice cream flavor) . I liked how the mochi provided a chewy counterpoint to the creamy ice cream.

It was a pleasant morning pick me up, but I'm not sure if the price point was warranted. Except for the salted caramel one. That was my absolute favorite and comes highly recommended. :)