Went down to @theforagecafe in the FAR EAST not too long ago to try some of their honey-themed creations including their signature honey buttermilk waffles, honey-based drinks and honey-infused desserts.

Owned by the same people behind @13honey, every item served has some element of honey in it.

Chilli Cheese Chicken Waffle Sandwich ($17). Breaded fried chicken cutlet, baby spinach and topped with a mild chilli cheese sauce. Don’t forget to drizzle it with some honey for a sweet touch.

The great thing about the chicken cutlet is that it isn’t too oily. The chicken thigh was fairly juicy but I thought it could do with a little more crisp. But I wished the cutlet serving was larger to fit the entire waffle. When you finished the cutlet, it’s as good as eating waffles with honey. More cheese sauce would be great too.

I love the honey on its own as it adds that natural sweetness to the savoury waffles.

Thank you @theforagecafe for having us!

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