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Cafe Hopping

Cafe Hopping

I love coffee, I love brunches, I love desserts. Just a log of my cafe hopping adventures around the island.
Terence Ong
Terence Ong

Corn fritters, poached egg, haloumi, bacon. All my favourite brunch items in one plate.


I’m absolutely in love with this dish. Creme brûlée French toast served with matcha ice cream, summer berries, popcorn and edible flowers. Absolutely a photogenic sight.

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Truffle fries at P.S. Cafe has remained consistently good and the serving is generous. It makes up for the hefty price tag of $16++.

Soufflé pancakes are the hype these days and this fluffy soufflé pancakes ($14) is so good. It’s definitely worth waiting 45 minutes for this and I’ll be back for more.

Tucked on the 4th Floor of The Working Capitol, this is one of my hideouts if I want to escape from the hustle and bustle of weekday CBD lunches. I had the salmon and quinoa bowl ($15) served with an array of pickled vegetables. While I do eat pickles (or gherkins) and have no qualms with them, it may take awhile for non-pickle fans to get accustomed to the food here. Good thing is there is one-for-one with a Burpple Beyond here!

The biggest push factor to return here is flavours are always being rotated. Perennial classics will make their return while new flavours are constantly being churned out. I really enjoyed the mango sticky rice soft served on a mochi doughnut ($15+). Perhaps it’s because I’m very partial to this dessert. It is a mango-peanut butter soft serve twist (sounds weird but it’s actually pretty good) with a side serving of sticky rice. On hindsight, it would’ve been even better with the salted egg lava mochi balls.

A contrasting twist of deep blue sea salt and brownish looking Thai milk tea soft serve ($6.80) by Aqua S has landed on our shores from Down Under. Besides the signature sea salt flavour, they frequently rotates their flavours so it’s best to go down as soon as you get wind of their new flavours.

It’s hard to get good sausages at brunch in Singapore but what I enjoy here is the homemade Italian-style fennel sausages that makes brunch here a wholesome affair. Together with creamy and fluffy scrambled eggs and bread, it’s a brunch not to be missed

Situated in a secluded and serene corner of Dempsey, this is a perfect place to chill and have a lazy weekend brunch. I usually don’t order avocado on toast outside but their avocado, poached eggs and smoked salmon on sourdough ($27) was simple yet delicious. The avocado was not too finely smashed and together with the feta cheese, it was indeed very palatable. This is how avo on toast should be done. Didn’t had space for their home made sweet treats but would be back again for sure.


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