It's been a looong time since i savour on good brunch meal on lazy long weekend. And here i am, savouring on table full of good brunch! ❤️

The most popular dish in here is called One Pan Fix, you can see everyone is ordering at least one portion of it in every table. It's basically a large serving of egg with hasbrown chunks, greens, red and green peppers and sauteed mushroom. It's a real good comfort food for your hungry tummy because it definitely can fix your hunger pangs (pun intended)!

Another must try is their Pulled Duck and Egg. Duck meat tenderly pulled and braised with their special sauce, served on top of 2 slice of wheatgerm bread, topped with loads of hashbrown chunks and sauteed mushroom and baby spinach 😆 i gobbled down everything except the hashbrown as it's kinda oily to my liking :(

Try their Nutella hot chocolate too! It has thick Nutella taste that leaves you goes "mmmmhhh" but their green tea latte is nothing to shout about (good thing is that it's not sweet at all 😂)

Parking is relatively easy, the cafe atmosphere is nicely decorated (they apparently won an award for the best decorated cafe), they are children friendly and smoker friendly too :)