10 Best Satisfying Meals

10 Best Satisfying Meals

Featuring Mr. & Ms. Cafe, Thai Hou Sek (1 Utama), Bumbu Bali, Yesterday, Restaurant Little Italy, Restaurant Pik Wah (MABA), Mi Na Rae Korean BBQ Restaurant, Epicuro (USJ Taipan), Tokyo Kitchen (USJ Taipan), Bibiwok Nyonya & Thai Cuisine (Puchong)
Erica Jioe
Erica Jioe

Everytime I crave for yong tau fu, I usually head to Batu 14 yong tau fu in Puchong. That day I decided to give Bandar Puteri yong tau fu a try. The shop is quite an attention catching with striking orange colour signboard. The restaurant interior looks much better than the Batu 14 one and the place is quite clean in general.

I head to pick my yong tau fu where they have plenty of varieties from brinjal to tau fu pok. I picked like 5 yong tau fu and wait for my order to be served. Turns out this shop has a gooood yong tau fu! It’s the kind of yong tau fu where you can taste the sweetness of the fish paste, minus the muddy taste. The soup itself was also sweet tasting due to the “sayur manis” added. I was full and content after finishing my meal.

Price wise was quite affordable. The sell each yong tau fu at RM1.2 per piece, which only cost me RM6 (excluding the rice) for a satisfying meal!

Overall, I might come back here instead next time if i crave for yong tau fu, saving me from having to travel deep inside Batu 14 XD


Bon Ga Korean Restaurant offers a decent range of Korean classics, ranging from BBQ, noodles, soups, and many more. I’ve been to many Korean BBQ restaurant before but I somehow think that Bon Ga is the only Korean restaurant that serves quite extensive, interesting ban chan (side dishes) such as the less seen burdock root in sweet sauce and my favourite Sangchu-geotjeori (Korean lettuce salad).

We ordered their seafood pancake (RM32) and Pork Belly BBQ (RM34). It turns out that the pork belly is kitchen cooked instead of grilled right infront of us, saving us from the hot griller and smoke-smelling hair afterward. It was served in sizzling hot plate together with garlic cloves and onions. The fresh pork belly has some beautiful golden grill marks, making it to taste slightly crusty and juicy in every bite. The seafood pancake was loaded with lots of spring onions and occasional squid and prawn chunks. The red sauce is addictive though.. It’s red as if it’s flaming hot, but actually it tastes rather sourish and savoury at the same time. We keep dunking our pancake into the sauce and we just have to call the waiter to add on more sauce for us.. XD

Although we only ordered this 2 simple dishes, we were overloaded and experiencing food coma after that (Korean food is always like that).. perhaps we ate too much of burdock root and the Sangchu-geotjeori! On the side note, they also selling Korean ice cream for RM8 each, flavours are ranging from watermelon soda to cookies and cream :)

Parking: Tough
Payment: cash & credit card
Children friendly: Yes, they do have children playroom
Airconditioned: Yes
Smoking: No


This was my first time to Choy Hi Restaurant, which is located next to Chiang Rai Thai Food in Puchong. Choy Hi restaurant gives the impression of a simple Chinese restaurant that serves variety of local Chinese food from Bentong. You can find almost every kind of Chinese dishes in here from Kung Po Chicken to Kong Sai-style Stuffed Beancurd Pouch with Minced Meat & Fish Paste.

If you don’t feel like having heavy meal in here, fret not, they have single portion dish with rice. I chose to order Kung Po Chicken Rice (RM8.5) and House Special Noodle (RM8). The Kung Po Chicken Rice was good but nothing too special about it. I actually liked the House Special Noodle better! It’s basically fried yee mee noodle with lots of condiments such as Chinese sausages, button mushroom, garlic, carrot, etc, combined altogether make a fragrant, homemade tasting noodle like how i used to have at home :slightly_smiling_face: The portion is pretty big too! For RM8, you’ll get a huge bowl of noodle that you could possibly share with your friend.

Their specialities include steamed fish balls, kong sai style beancurd stuffed with minced meat & fish paste and stewed pork belly with yam. I will come back to try their specialities one day!

Payment: Cash
Children friendly: Yes
Parking: Tough
Airconditioned: Yes
Smoking: No

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I think this is my first time tasting a really satisfying Arabian & Lebanese food in Malaysia. Located at the busy street of Sri Petaling, Al Diafah Restaurant looks fancy and classy from the outside, the restaurant is located at the 2nd floor where you can actually take a lift to go up there. Once you step in to their compound, you’ll feel as if you’re in some Middle Eastern country with all the glossy porcelains, thick curtains…

The restaurant was rather quite empty, so food in here come quite fast. While waiting for my Falafel Sandwich (RM12), they told me that they have free soup to grab. The soup was really good although I couldn’t really tell what soup is that. To me tasted like curry, soupy porridge which they provided wedges of lime to go with. I squeeze some lime to the soup and it gave out the zing that combined very well with the “curry” taste. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind eating that soup whenever I fall sick… hahaha

Back to the Falafel Sandwich, it’s a quite simple looking dish, nothing fancy about it but the taste is definitely amazing! The rolls are packed with deep fried chickpeas with finely chopped salad and tahina sauce, wrapped altogether in pita bread wrap. They serves it with more tahina sauce and fries. To me the rolls are good on its own, but a little kick of chili sauce might make it even better XD It was a satisfyingly filling dish in general :) Price wise it is actually very affordable for this kind of restaurant ambience and service 😁

For the drink, I chose to have Vanilla hot drink (RM10), it sounds fancy in the menu but actually nothing to shout about. It tasted rather like normal vanilla milk to me, except with the dash of cinnamon powder on top.

Airconditioning: Yes
Smoking: No
Good for group: Yes
Parking: Depends on your luck (it’s Sri Petaling… hahaha)
Children friendly: Yes
Payment: Cash & credit card

The dish that I would like to highlight here is the Gyu Tongue Negiyaki (RM28). It’s ox tongue (yes, you read it right) dish, served right from a hot plate. Ox tongue is one of my favourite meat tbh (because it’s boneless and tender haha), but I do aware that many can’t really accept the taste and smell of it. I would say give this ox tongue a try! It’s different and will make you have different perception towards ox tongue (especially if you never try it out before but feel ‘geli’ once you heard the name). It tasted just like a normal regular meat, lightly seasoned and much more tender than beef meat. Served straight in sizzling hot plate, 6 thin pieces per servings (I wish they could serve more….) accompanied with white radish and spring onion sprinkles. It’s really worth the try, trust me! You’ll never see ox tongue the same again hahha!

The Mini Bara Chirashi (RM18) is nothing to shout about, except the Japanese rice in here is a little bit more vinegarish than any other place. If you feels like having something warm, soupy and spicy, Gekikara Ramen (RM23) could be a choice. The soup is really fragrant but they give very little chicken chunks inside… The dish is quite spicy i would say, so you may want to ask the staff to tell the kitchen “less spicy” for this dish.

Overall: I would come back again for the ox tongue for sure! Because it’s very rare to find ox tongue dishes in Malaysia i don’t know why…
Payment: Cash & credit card (AMEX accepted)
Alcoholic drink: Yes
Air-conditioned: Yes
Parking: Tough
Location: SS12, the same row as Upstairs Cafe and Bawang Merah, right opposite SJMC.


Visited Meatology in TTDI after we brought our dog for a long walk in DesaPark City. We were starving and there’s no way for us to head back home first to drop our dog and go out again for dinner. So we Googled for pet friendly restaurant and found that Meatology in TTDI is a pet friendly restaurant and bar that actually allows your pet to sit with you inside the restaurant!

Service here is good i would say. My dog was also starving and I brought her kibbles but not her bowl :( I asked the staff if they could lend me some bowl to feed my dog and they happily lend me one :) Our dog were also allowed to sit on a high bar chair, for us to be able to eat with a peaceful mind.

We ordered their snacks called Poisson Pork, basically is caramelized, deep fried siew yok and garlic served with pork skin. This dish is the bomb I would say (although the picture doesn’t tell you so). Crunchy, roasty flavour and the fragrance of fried garlic cloves. For our mains we ordered fish and chip, and carbonara pasta. The carbonara was nothing to shout about, whereby the fish and chip was kinda disappointing. My boyfriend ordered that and found that the deep fried fish were still smelling fishy, an indication that the fish is not fresh. We called the staff to notify them and offered to replace the dish. We got our new batch of fish and chip which taste slightly better (and no more fishy smell), but I would say the taste is still not that great.

Overall: Most probably won’t come back here anymore although they are one of pet friendly restaurant in town :(


Went here for a group lunch before our assignment discussion meet up with my friends. We’re looking for a good lunch spot that is close by in Subang area, so here we are! Located in SS15 Courtyard, just right next Naj and Belle. I ordered their Smoked Salmon Pasta (RM32.90), it’s a quite pricey dish but it didn’t disappoint me. Plated nicely in a big ceramic plate, served with cherry tomatoes and asparagus. I kinda like how they prepare the asparagus, it tasted firm but not too ‘woody’ and slightly salted. The cream taste with like a mixture between salty, little creamy, tangy and sweet at the same time, definitely not a pasta that will make you “jelak” ;D

Little did I know they serves good pasta dish, definitely will come back and try out their other dishes and desserts!


Went here for Mother's Day celebration and we had a great dinner night together. They are popular for their sliced duck dish which is served with jellyfish, they have Saturday & Sunday promotion price for this dish which is only RM20 (normal price RM35). The sliced duck dish is our favourite for the night! Must order!

Other than that, the Pumpkin Tofu (RM20++/ 5 pcs) is also worth to mention. Tofu size is quite huge, the pumpkin gravy is sweet and thick, accompanied with bits of pumpkin seeds that give out nutty taste to the dish.

We also tried their Wonton Chicken (not in picture), basically is herbal whole chicken served in a humongous clay pot (is meant for sharing!) and cut into pieces right infront of your face. The herbal soup is winey and sweet tasting due to the goji berry added. They'll serve a portion of fried wonton in which you are supposed to eat with the herbal soup, it's really goood!!

This place is just right next to Wisma MABA, make sure you make a booking first before coming!!


Most Subang-ites must have feel very familiar with F4 Fish Head Restaurant. Located deep inside the hidden industrial area in Jalan Subang, this amazing restaurant basically turned factory lots into a crib where we can enjoy amazing local chinese food with our family. Needless to say, the fish head is an attraction so we ordered 3 of their recommended dishes : Curry Fish Head dish (RM23), Pumpkin Tofu (RM12) and Stir Fried Fan Shu Miao (Sweet Potato Leaves) (RM 12).

Their fish head curry is totally up on my recommendation list! Those smooth, tender fish head meat with mild curry spice, accompanied with generous servings of okra, long beans and tofu skin, I would say it’s a great accompaniment to a plate of warm rice :slightly_smiling_face:

Another dish worth to mention is the pumpkin tofu.. it’s super goood!! Soft tofu fried with perfection, poured with sweet pumpkin gravy, oh my… In general their food is reasonably good with reasonable price too. F4 restaurant is definitely a hidden gem, will definitely come back!

Just be warned that the restaurant is usually super crowded especially during weekend dinner time..

Parking: Patron parking space available
Air-conditioning: No
Smoking: No
Children friendly: Yes
Halal: No


Swing by to Ground Hog (TTDI) if you feels like having a porky day! This restaurant is relatively new in the block, thus I decided to give it a try. Step in and enjoy the cosy, modern half-restaurant half-bar kinda of atmosphere that will spoil you with all sorts of drool-worthy pork dishes :9 The staffs are very friendly and helpful btw!

There’s so much going on in the menu, starting from salad, bread, pasta to pork chop. I decided to give their Hog’s Chop (RM29) a try. Approximately weighing 500 gram of premium slab pork chop pan roasted with herbs and black pepper, placed on top of smooth puréed potato infused with milky + buttery goodness. The dish is perfected with healthy serving of freshly made red cabbage slaw, yumms!! I heard that usually they’ll use apple purée to replace the potato purée, unfortunately today they ran out of the apple purée. However, in my honest opinion, they shouldn’t take out the potato purée completely because it’s really good! Maybe they should serve both potato purée and apple purée to give the combo of both salty, tangy and sweet tastes.

For the drink, I decided to give their “fancy drinks” a try. It’s basically their house collection of non-alcoholic drinks. I ordered the Cranberry Citrus (RM10), the pink coloured drink came in a tall glass topped crushed mint leaves. It’s very refreshing in general but I can’t really taste the cranberry, it’s more of like a glass of orange juice taste in my opinion… The staff told me that they are also famous for Lemon Lime Bitters (RM10), but unfortunately they are running out of Angostura bitters today 😞

Payment: Cash (temporary) & Credit card
Smoking: yes (outside seatings)
Air-conditioning: yes
Parking: Tough a little
Children friendly: Yes
Halal: No
Alcoholic drink: yes, BYOB is allowed
Price: Quite reasonable, portion is quite huge that you may want to order for sharing :)


I came here because I was craving for Korean Fried Glass Noodle (Jap Chae), flipped the menu and was drawn to try out their BBQ menu too 😂

Mi Na Rae is located at the busy street of Sri Petaling (level 2). If you happen to come here, definitely order their BBQ thin pork belly (RM23). The serving is just nice for 2 person, the BBQ pork is super awesome I tell you.. perfectly sliced in perfect thickness, not too thin nor too thick, those strips of juiceyy pork slices 😌 You don't have to cook by yourself for this dish because they've already cooked for you (yay point for not having your hair and clothes smelling like BBQ pit).

Japchae (RM30) in here is served in big portion, definitely for sharing. The taste is nothing to shout about, but those chewy fried glass noodle they served has successfully satisfied my craving 🙌🏻

If you crave for Korean warm soupy stuff but feel like giving your tongue a minimal kick of spiciness, can give the DwenJang Jjike (RM16) a try. It's basically a non-spicy bean paste soup with tofu that is served with a bowl of rice. It tastes like Japanese miso soup, but it's not lol. So far I never had this before in Korean restaurant, now I've tasted it and I like it! Perfect for rainy days comfort food i think. I would prefer to have my bowl of rice flooded with soup and slurp it together with the tofu immersed in the soupy goodness 😆

Smoking: no
Air-conditioned: yes
Children friendly: yes
Payment: cash and credit card
Parking: No such thing as 'easy parking spot' in Sri Petaling 😆
Price: pretty decent for the portion served

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This Italian restaurant in Puchong often get underrated, but actually it's a quite good Italian restaurant where you can even have a romantic casual dinner date 😌 The whole restaurant is decorated in Western-vintage-romantic style with lots of paintings, very much peaceful that you can enjoy your solo dining or enjoy the quality time with your loved ones.

Menu wise it's nothing much different from any other Italian restaurant, except a dish called Mozzarella In Carozza (under salad & appetizer section, RM 11.9). Basically it's just a simple dish of deep fried breaded mozza cheese drenched in Pizza Lola sauce. One serving contains 2 pieces of breaded mozza, and the sauce was just amazing! Tangy and sweet... I thought I would just to eat it for appetizer but since it was sooo good, i finished everything and it was super filling (tip: you can order this as your main course too i guess!). I've never eaten this dish before and i would say it's a must try in here.

Their Fusilli ala Carbonara (RM18.9) is nothing to shout about. Very creamy and a little bit sweet, can't manage to finish this dish as it gives you the "jelak" feeling right after you done with half of the portion (no kidding 😞), although they said it's their popular pasta dish... If you're craving for pizza, you can try their house special Little Italy Pizza (RM26.9, 12 inches). Thin crust pizza topped with roasted chicken, turkey ham, mushroom and (unshelled) prawns. Overall the pizza dough is good, crusty and taste abit like biscuit 😂 but the toppings they offered are just mainstream, nothing to shout about (p.s the lazy part is to peel off the prawn skin 😐)

Overall: price wise is quite affordable for a decent portion. Nice ambience. Is a good place to give it a try, but may not come back for their pasta...

Air conditioned: yes
Children friendly: yes
Smoking: yes (outside)
Payment: cash only
Parking: very easy (at night)
Serves alcohol: yes, wine
Average food waiting time: 10-15 minutes


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