Pictured is after everyone took a bowl alr, so the original portion is almost full(this was a 800g lobster, a Boston lobster would be 500-600g at this restaurant)

There's a discount of 40%, bringing the price closer to a boston lobster that's why we chose this.

The meat was tight but while it's obviously not hard, it's stiffer than I expected. Also less sweet than I expected for the price, but it's alright

The highlight is the soup, it was thick and full of umami while not being jelat, very easy to drink and comforting stuff. Probably has a ckn base to thicken it? Because the seafood taste wasn't too strong

Usually this would be quite severely overpriced though, at the original price(UP this claypot was 200)

Served with puffed rice and dried shrimps which added to the dish