Lucked out today??
1. Finally passed my driving test// driving is not really for me but I will spare everyone on the traumatic experience it has been.
2. Decided to visit this place after the fervent Burpple recommendation throughout the week and once again not disappointed 👊🏻 While the Siew Mais were above average what I really loved were the soft paus with earnest ingredients (!!!) // We also tried the neighboring wanton mee which was a notable plate of noodles! Slippery wantons and nicely charred char siew. The noodles were on the dense mee Kia side instead of the springy egg noodles that mum likes but all was still good!!
3. Bumped into the friendly Burrple Team and got a small coffee pau treat while catching up with a few of them I've met!! I am a fan of your enthusiastic team Burpple and thanks @Muriel @Raine & @Dex (whom I've just met today) for the treat once again #thoughtthatcounts
Another good Saturday checked ✅

It was really lovely to bump into you, Tammy! 😄 And congratulations on passing your driving test 🎉🎉🎉
Muriel A yes it really was!! Thanks babe 💋✨💋
Congrats Tammy!! Drive us around someday!! 😊
Winston Goh Dad was a little excited!! Got me to drive the whole weekend! & Would love to 👊🏻😬