Cocktails, Cafes & Coffee, Fruit Tea Drinks Something with the highest margins for F&B establishments but inevitable for a patron because who can shy away liquid that taste good?
1-for-1 Deals Burpple Beyond Finally down to creating this list; at the rate of my redemptions... I had to have a list to store my multiple experiences!
Others, European, Bread London Livin' (£8 and Below Edition) 3.5 months in the Land of the English. This is a set apart list, apt for an exchange student whom should be on a Budget (rightly). To keep things simple, everything ranging from desserts or mains or snacks will go in this list so long as it fulfils the condition of being £8 and below 😊
Others, European, Bread London Livin' 3.5 months in the Land of the English. Time to brush up my English or maybe at least pass exchange school as I feast the British way? 😬
Burpple Tastemaker Meet Up Hanging out with the #foreverhungry community
Salads, Healthy Healthy... Wealthy? 😋😋 Salads and all the perceived as healthy in my world bahaha
Travel, Others, Thai Beach Getaway In The +66 The sunny sandy Asian country (??) first time in Phuket and Krabi, but no stranger to Thai food! Simply cannot get enough of the spicy, tangy, aromatic Thai flavors... I am so happy to be Asian #lulz