Look at these lovely black beauties (SGD 1.80)!
Made with unbleached flour and filled with a home made red bean paste ( which has a hint of orange peel taste ) , these buns are so good.
I love it that the bread dough has a nice chewy bite and does not stick to your teeth.

This hidden bakery just 2 mins away from Aljunied mrt has a huge variety of vegetarian and vegan breads ( there are also pastries cakes but just go for the breads ).

The yam bun ( with home made yam filling) and the tangerine walnut buns ( 3 in a pack for SGD 2.50) are equally glorious. For chocolate lovers , go for the chocolate marble bread ( 3 in a pack for sGF 2.80) which is very Soft and moist and filled with dark chocolate chips that melt in your mouth.

Other crowd favourites are the herb focaccia, soy cranberry loaf and the black glutinous rice loaf .!