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Local Breads And Artisan Breads

Local Breads And Artisan Breads

I crave for good artisan sourdough breads but the Singaporean in me loves a Soft pillowy red bean bun fresh from the oven anytime of the day.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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So Glad that there are finally new items on provence ‘s bread shelves .

I have been there 10000 times and the “ wow “ factor was starting to diminish .

Absolutely love the cheese onion bun - crusty on the outside and incredibly chewy on the inside.
( TOP right corner of photo )

Don’t ask for the buns to be warmed up because they use the microwave which doesn’t work for breads.

If you like your breads warm , I suggest you bring them home to warm up yourself .

Still my favourite soft buns in town .

Made in house , fresh daily .

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A little disappointed with the weak flat white.
Diluted and thin .

Pecan and cranberry bread was ordinary although cited as the shop’s signature bread .

Go for their pastries like the croissant 🥐 instead and skip the coffee .

For those of you who enjoy these flat breads,
They are now available at a more accessible location at People’s Park Complex .

Not sure why the brand name is Wen jia bao but they are using the xiao Yang Guo Kui bag .

The lady who collects cash also makes the pastry - so eat at your own risk 😱

These to me , are the best tasting and best looking croissants in singapore.

Handmade, fresh, made in limited quantities daily with quality butter .

27 perfect layers .

You are either from the TBB gang or you are not ..... 😝

And so I am not .

Perfectly poached eggs, perfectly crisped Smokey bacon , perfect sourdough toast.

Perfect brunch .

( sorry for the leg in the background - not part of the menu 😂... )

While most are attracted by The GSS, nothing attracts me more than one of my favourite cafes advertisement of their chocolate feast 😊

And thank God ! I got the last chocolate-orange bagel for the day - in time for brunch. Accompanied with a smooth hot chocolate , it was a very gratifying brunch.

For those of you whom haven’t had time to go take a whiff of the famous Wu pao Chun bakery -
This photo is for you .

I have been watching this bread but my wallet refuses to pay 20 dollars for this.

Window 🛍 shopping.

Bread lovers alert 🚨

I call these my green babies 👶 because they look so “poofy “ - my term for spongy and puffy 🥳. Every time I was pass them , I can’t help but feel like giving them a good squeeze 😬.

Intrigued by what sweet potato leaves taste like in a bread - that was the beginning of my experience with this bread.

Weird but this bread actually tastes like a matcha red bean and can easily pass off as one. The sweet potato flavour has this earthy and green flavour like a palate cleanser while the red bean provides a luxurious creaminess and imparts some “ sinfulness” to the otherwise pretty heathy bread .

Unlike other varieties of swee Heng’s bread , this bread as well as the similarly shaped taro 5 grain bread as well as the sweet potato bread have a spongy and more chewy texture - possibly from a higher quality Japanese flour used .

My first encounter with this red bean bread was the best because the red bean was less sweet with a more pronounced red bean flavour . These days , the red bean twirled into the bread is somewhat sweeter 🥴.

Nevertheless - these are still yummy and I urge you to try one soon 😋 especially when they are warm and fresh . Available only at selected swee Heng outlets .

No - I didn’t have the heart 💓 to pay for this -

Fortunately there were some samples that came out of the oven while I visited the shop.

Nice lychee fragrance but part of the bread was a little too densed - not sure whether it was too moist because it was still warm or had the bread not risen properly 😱

20 dollars is just ( a sin ) too much to pay 🥵.

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Out of all the sea salt butter breads I have tried - I still like the ones from so good bakery .

A nice slight crusty exterior and a very soft and airy interior. It has an interesting hollow interior - just nice for customising your own condiments 😊 to pair with your bread .

Stuff some poached eggs and mashed avocado 🥑 inside and ... it’s like heaven .

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When I run of ideas for lunch and just need a familiar place to rest my legs - Provence bakery never fails .

There’s something magical about their pain de mie used for their sandwiches .

When toasted , they are not only crusty but slightly chewy. The bread is the star here so whatever goes in between really doesn’t matter much.

I used to like going to a Japanese eatery which doubled up as a comic book store along a cosy corner of Robertson quay , called bon gout . Walking in there is just like walking into a Japanese family cafe . The food served up is what a typical Japanese family would eat. Places are just like music - they have the capability to bring you back to a good memory or past experience and I really reminisce those days.

Bon gout is gone so the next best place that has survived with me through the years is Provence .

Served in a Little paper box with a fine cup of coffee , nothing much really to rave about but just
A familiar place to rest and have a simple meal .

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I dream of food .

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