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Local Breads And Artisan Breads

Local Breads And Artisan Breads

I crave for good artisan sourdough breads but the Singaporean in me loves a Soft pillowy red bean bun fresh from the oven anytime of the day.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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I’m lovin it

And no ... it’s not the Mac’s burger ....

But an extremely authentic Hk bolo bun and yuen Yang.

This is as good as the ones I have had in Hk.

Crusty and fluffy bolo pau served warm with a cup of silky smooth yuen Yang.

I was in the mood for cakes 🍰 so decided on the banana walnut loaf .

Sufficiently moist and buttery but a little too sweet for me .

Overall - still quite a pleasant cake but slightly pricey at 4 dollars for a rather thin slice .


Arrived here finally ....

Despite this place just at a stone’s thrown from my office - it took me several months to get here .

And when I got here , I didn’t take fancy at the famed viennoiserie but went for a banana walnut cake instead .

Perhaps it was due to too much “ heaty food “ during the cny period or that the variety of viennoiserie looked too dry.

Not a nice experience sitting in the cafe - simply too small and it was almost like a “see already buy take and buy “ because there were so limited quantities of food that they sell out so fast .

Not sure if this is a good thing when all you want is to settle into a cafe and take your time to decide what you like.

More details in my next post on the banana walnut cake 😊

The combination of a Raisin and walnut bread and a chopped up hard boiled egg with a touch of mayo is just magical .

A good combination of textures ( toasted bread again the soft eggs) and flavours ( sweet raisins against the savoury eggs ) .

Simple ingredients but brilliant combination .

The usual egg sandwich set comes with a whole meal/ bran bread so do opt to change your bread to raisin and walnut.

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If anything at all , the size of these scones makes it impossible to see them and not buy them.

Ask for your scones to be warmed up and expect a crisp outer layer with a moist buttery interior.

Perfect for an afternoon tea treat.

Coffee is decent here as well .

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Pretty nice chocolate croissant - crisp and not too greasy .

I like how the bakes in this bakery cafe are so home made .

Service can me a little more smiley or warmer though 😊

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There’s something in me that squeals in delight for a good sandwich - not that you can’t make it at home but the experience of having a nice lunch set prepared for you and the anticipation of going down to the cafe to order your favourite sandwich is just part of life’s simple joys.

Nothing extraordinary but I love how crusty and soft the Raisin and walnut bread is at the same time . The sandwich is filled with a hearty portion of boiled eggs ,lettuce and tomatoes.

Accompanied with a pretty good pumpkin soup and a home made ice lemon tea for the sweltering weather .

You may like to pick up a box or two of their pineapple balls this season - looks alluring to me but at 31 dollars per box - too luxurious for me .


I like a good cinnamon bun but am often put off with the extra sweet frosting that most bakery slap on. The frosting just covers all the beautiful cinnamon flavours....

This sourdough cinnamon bun from real food is the real deal. Just a light dusting of organic cinnamon powder and unrefined coconut sugar .

The cinnamon swirl bun is so light , fluffy and best of all , it doesn’t leave you all bloated and full like most cinnamon buns .

Ask for the buns to be lightly toasted and enjoy with a cup of organic coffee.
( be sure to be early to grab one because they sell out fast 😊)

Sit and eat and watch the world go by ... ....

Less of a cake than a bread , this cream cheese bread had a buttery and crusty exterior and a smooth savoury and sweet interior .

I like how the buttery crust just melts in your mouth and compliments the soft chewy bread .

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Bread lovers alert 🚨

This is one of my favourites from bread society.
Incredibly pillowy soft - thought I typically prefer breads that are denser because they keep you fuller for longer.

This black sesame loaf has aromatic and nutty swirls of black sesame paste rolled into the loaf.

Great that it is not too sweet 😊

While you would have paid loads for sourdough bread and dips in cafes these days , you get yours for a really affordable 3 dollars at mezza9.

Sounds too good to be true ? Wait till you sink your teeth in this excellent sourdough, crusty on the outside and moist and flavourful on the inside .

The artichoke dip is so delicious - better than any pesto that I have ever had. It was creamy with a depth of a combination of a herby, garlicky flavour .

I would just dine at mezza9 just for this .

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Think fresh mushrooms, artichokes and forest ham on a perfect pizza base that’s both slightly chewy and crusty .

I am in heaven.


I dream of food .

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