Local Breads And Artisan Breads

Local Breads And Artisan Breads

I crave for good artisan sourdough breads but the Singaporean in me loves a Soft pillowy red bean bun fresh from the oven anytime of the day.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Just give me a brioche and a good cup of cappuccino.

Simple is good :)

Simply bread .

Affordable French toast .
Love how fluffy fluffy the bread was .

Just hope that the kaya could be more “ rustic “.
Feels rather plastic with that shine and a little too sweet .


No pain - 💯 percent pleasure !

Having tea on a weekday afternoon with no mad queue and noise is the most gratifying thing .

Fragrant hot mocha and crisp and moist croissant.

The best croissants ever . Better than you know who 🤐.

When you have run out of ideas and when your legs are too tired to carry you anywhere after a week of work .

These days convenience and “ no queue” takes precedence .

For something not so sickeningly sweet - try the French toast which has a savoury element .

Wished the kaya was less starchy and more aromatic like the old days .

Won’t say this is cheap for just bread and coffee but just just for a fuss free way to fill your stomach - can do !

Curry On Everyone ....!!!!!!!! 💪🏼

Think donuts fried till crisp but not greasy and with a luxurious savoury sweet curry filling .

Am surprised to see so many of these left on the shelves - when they make such a good mid afternoon snack .

Limited quantities per day - stack up your tray , queue up , stand 1 metre apart in the queue and make a dash home .

Loving these plain croissants from Pullman bakery .

Value for money and with a good genuine butter flavour. Moist inside and flaky outside .

Soft , delicious chocolate flavour and not too sweet .

Time to stock up on bread supplies to brace for the week .

Donuts lined up .

Yes - 10 of them and all mine 😝.

Watch out for the secret timing that these donuts are out fresh !


Happy quiche for a happy Sunday

A very generous portion of mushroom quiche with an accompanying salad with sesame dressing .

While I read reviews about the quiche not being a traditional one - I kind of like this more “ eggy” type of quiche as opposed to a more creamy kind .

Filled with sweet soft onions and mushrooms and encased in a crisp buttery shell.

Ask for your quiche to be warmed up .

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Interesting location of ya Kun at a shop house along Beach Road and ample space to sit .

The best kept secret is that generous slaps of kaya and peanut butter is offered here as compared to the miserly portions elsewhere .

Not my default choice because ya kun’s kaya is so so so so so so. sweet - the sugar shock covers everything else and prices have been slowing inching up so you pay close to 5 dollars which is definitely not value for money but for a quick bite and to hide from the heat - no choice 😂.

And surprise surprise! There’s a new udders ice cream cafe which had just opened in a shop adjoining this Yakun shop - double the sugar , double the pleasure ! 🤣

Interesting bread flavours

Chose this pack of wellness breads instead of their usual spicy sardines or spicy shrimp bread .

Soft fluffy bread with natural sweetness from the wolfberries and dates .

Disappointed again with the dry pau texture.

It’s never the same as the standards at the nam Kee Valley point branch - where the paus are freshly made and steamed and so fluffy and fresh .

I figure the ones at their other outlets are not as fresh .

Tea is at 60 cents from 2 to 5 pm so not feeling so sore 😋.

Singapore high tea set for 2.20 🤣.

I dream of food .

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