9.5 results in a rather filling portion, esp with the necessity of a drink. They dont go easy on the numbing peppercorns, and the numbness made my facial Muscles sore from the trembling. Thats only xiaola so take note.

Well seasoned, and quite straight Forward with the spicy and the numbing tastes, without much else. Still enjoyable though, esp due to the generous portions

P.S. as my buddy ordered for me this time, i have gained experience about ingredients choice since hes quite a mala fanatic. Do away with the juicy veggies like cabbage if u want a punch in the bowl. Those veggies dilute the spices quite a bit and results in less punch

Potatoes are fantastic as somehow theyre less spicy but just as fragrant, meaning you can keep popping slice after slice

Have to admit sausages are quite flavourful, even though i dont get it due to it bring unhealthy normally

Oyster mushroom still doesnt pick up sauce well couple with the fact that it's juicy, but enoki does that quite well

Maggi is really very good in a mala xiangguo bowl, highly recommended