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Shall I compare thee to a slice of cheesecake? Because you taste exactly like one!

That was what I was thinking the moment I bit into the Mango Peach Yoghurt Cake (RM 9.50) from Espression8 cafe. Opposite Rock cafe, Espression8 was recommended by a friend for their pancakes. And that was what I wanted to try.... if they had it in stock that is... apparently the pancakes had not arrived for the day (which puzzles me... you mean they don't make it in the kitchen?!) So I settled for a slice of cake instead.

The cake tasted like cheesecake. Not a hint of the sourness from the yoghurt I'm used to when consuming anything with the word "yoghurt" in it. The taste of the peach and mango was slight. Just a hint as it hits your tongue the moment you put it into your mouth and then proceed to be taken over by the richness of the cheese. The chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce which is used to write some fancy words in cursive as well as a (scary) smiley face for decoration actually goes well with the cake. If you feel your cake is a little too plain and tastes like Jerry's cheese stash, you could try wiping the plate with your cake. I guarantee you have nothing to lose.

However if you ordered this thinking something slightly sour and creamy coming out of this, you will be as disappointed as the day your significant other forgot your birthday. As a cheesecake... it doesn't really prove to be much as well.

It was like having a one night stand. She wasn't bad. But she wasn't someone I want to see again willingly. Because there are "many other fishes in the sea".