Best army stew I’ve tried in SG!!! I’ve found myself coming back for their army stews several times and I will continue to recommend all my friends who love authentic Korean cuisine to give this a try :-)

Not sure what sauce constitutes the Rose Army Stew, but it tasted a lot creamier than their original army stew! Almost like carbonara flavour, but pls do take note that they offer Carbonara Army Stew as well.

Ingredients wise, pretty standard I’d say. Maggie, sweet potato noodles, lots of tteokbokki (they’re super generous with it!), a boiled egg, chicken chunks, some mandus, and some cabbage. We also added the cheese fall ($8.90) to go with it as we read good reviews about it. It was.. very cheesy as expected hahahaha it’s good and sinful when eaten hot but can be quite gelak towards the end.

Currently they don’t take in reservations so please do avoid peak hours when you do a walk-in :-)