A very huge restaurant located in the middle of Suntec City, with really chill vibes within and house wine only cost $5 during their happy hour.. We used the Entertainer app of 1-for-1 main dish and these are the two mains we ordered; Slipper Lobster Pasta and ST Louis Pork Ribs.

Loving their Slipper Lobster Pasta, upon the first bite, it is really creamy and there is a slight tingling spicy after taste sensation. Also, there is generous lobster meat given in this dish!

Next up, the ST Louis Pork Ribs, where it is tilted towards the sweeter taste instead of savory, which isn’t my style. However, the chilli sauce provided is a savior as it is savoury-spicy taste, neutralising the taste of the ribs. It is still not as good as Bali (opps).

Lastly, their truffle fries aren't really worth it, as they just mix the truffle oil into their mayo, and it tastes pretty heavy on the mayo, while it still costs about $11.

🤤 3.5/5
💸 $25/pax (using entertainer app)
📍 @route65sg

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