Western Food

Western Food

Because life is all about sinking your teeth into that medium rare steak, pulling apart those bread and enjoy the wine
Tiffany Lim
Tiffany Lim

I think this place offers the BIGGEST ONION RING I鈥檝e seen in my life! It is bigger than the size of the baked potato!

Chanced upon this place, and it has replaced that popeye outlet in Somerset 313, so headed in and tried them out.

First thing first, I have to say, swipe left to see these harmless looking buns that tasted AMAZING! It is on the complimentary when we visit them then, and similar to Aston鈥檚 concept, they offer two sides of your choice to match with your mains.

Portion wise is good and their sides taste really good; flavourful. However, personally the sirloin is a miss, while ribeye is alright only. I will go with chicken as my main the next time I visit!

馃い 4/5
馃捀 $30/pax (definitely lower if you order other protein)
馃搷 Josh鈥檚 Grill at Somerset 313
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A very huge restaurant located in the middle of Suntec City, with really chill vibes within and house wine only cost $5 during their happy hour.. We used the Entertainer app of 1-for-1 main dish and these are the two mains we ordered; Slipper Lobster Pasta and ST Louis Pork Ribs.

Loving their Slipper Lobster Pasta, upon the first bite, it is really creamy and there is a slight tingling spicy after taste sensation. Also, there is generous lobster meat given in this dish!

Next up, the ST Louis Pork Ribs, where it is tilted towards the sweeter taste instead of savory, which isn鈥檛 my style. However, the chilli sauce provided is a savior as it is savoury-spicy taste, neutralising the taste of the ribs. It is still not as good as Bali (opps).

Lastly, their truffle fries aren't really worth it, as they just mix the truffle oil into their mayo, and it tastes pretty heavy on the mayo, while it still costs about $11.

馃い 3.5/5
馃捀 $25/pax (using entertainer app)
馃搷 @route65sg

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I will love to bring my whole family out to the coffee academics for their coffee as no doubts that their coffee is amazing but how does the food fairs?

Thanks to @entertainersg, we managed to get 1-for-1 mains and it is definitely worth the money!

We ordered miso salmon pasta and the classic cheese burger. Both of us like how light the miso pasta tastes, but the salmon was slightly on the drier side, but the skin isn't crispy at all 馃槙 while the classic cheeseburger tasted average but not exactly value for money.

With the entertainer app, definitely make this trip worth it, otherwise we won't be very disappointed with them.

Satisfaction : 馃い 馃い 馃い 馃い
Price: $28++
Location : @thecoffeeacademicssg

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This was a rare gem to find around the estate area, and they actually used sourdough bread instead of the normal dough, also, they used a wood-fire oven to fire up the pizza.聽

Both the tomato sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni and tomato sauce, mozzarella, parma ham and rocket taste really good, the toppings are like free flow raining onto the pizza. I have to say the dough because it is bread, it is slightly harder as compared to normal pizza crust. Nonetheless, I would still go back for more pizza ventures! Can鈥檛 wait to try their pizza no. 9 (which includes blue cheese)!聽

Satisfaction: 馃い 馃い 馃い 馃い 馃い
Price: Pizza is on an average price of $20 - $25
Location: @planksourdoughpizza

You know how we always connect italian food with expensive high prices? But nope, not at @pocolocosg! A humble store that serves good italian food! We have to say that despite everything looking so simple, it is flavourful and delicious!

Especially for the Fettuccine Carbonara, despite it only having a little bacon, the cheesiness is just right on track! Honestly, I鈥檓 not a huge fan of risotto but this one isn鈥檛 way too mushy which is what i prefer, and with basic ingredients of mushroom to enhance the taste of it!

Satisfaction: 馃い 馃い 馃い 馃い馃い
Price: About $15/pax
Location: @pocolocosg

#tcxsg #eatwtiff

A surprise location that I have always walked past but never did I enter before! Tried their Trimmed Entrec么te Steak which is their famous dish put together with their secret sauce that tastes like mushroom + black pepper sauce, and accompanied with golden french fries. If you would like to top up truffle fries, an additional $3 will do!

The steak is tender and perfect middle rare for mine, and if you鈥檙e someone who loves truffle fries, the top up will be worth it. Otherwise, their normal fries taste alright too! The only thing that I might it funny is the green salad with walnuts that comes in a side plate and the salad flew when the wind blew (laughing emoji)

Will I come again? This might not be the best steak place I have ever been, but definitely the view is one of the best to dine in. Also, for the location and the steak that cost $36.80 per plate, it is pretty steep.

Satisfaction: 馃い 馃い 馃い
Price: $36.80++ for their Trimmed Entrec么te Steak
Location: @lentrecote_sg

Was slightly disappointed that @lawryssg standard of beef has dropped a little. Their Filet Mignonette (medium) felt a little too dry on the outside but it is still very well seared.

However, if you are willing to splurge a little more. Their signature dish is actually the Austin鈥檚 Wagu! Also, I have to say that their service is really spectacular! This includes celebrating bday with them 馃ぉ馃コ

And please don鈥檛 be order things like truffle fries because it isn鈥檛 any special 馃ゲ (loving the new emoji, haha)

Satisfaction: 馃い 馃い 馃い
Price: Close to $200 for 2 pax (please use Amex or Citibank card for 40-50%
Location: @lawryssg
#eatwtiff #tcxsg

@supplydemandorchard shouldn't be unheard of when it comes to gathering with friends or celebrations.
I am still hooked onto two of my favourite dishes there:
1. Garlic Truffle Fries (SGD $12 - petite) where they use chucky cut fries with the drizzle of truffle oil and topped with shaved parmesan, roasted garlic and parsley. With the chucky cut fries, it actually absorbed the truffle oil easily and bring the flavour out with every bite.
2. The Morning After (SGD 22 - Regular 9") where they have a perfect soft egg in the middle of the pizza, surrounded by mushroom, bacon and mozzarella with a tomato base. This feels like comfort food to me like a dish where I totally could image myself eating while in my PJ + Netflix!
I've tried the risotto and pasta before but they isn't the best one I've ever tried, so I'll remain with these two favourites of mine in Supply & Demand until I've tried the next favourite of mine
Satisfaction: 馃い 馃い 馃い馃い 馃い
Price: $20/pax (if you order 1 pizza, 1 petite fries only)
Location: @supplydemandorchard
#eatwtiff #tcxsg

Chicken & Waffles is one of the most sinful yet yummy dish on Earth! Clinton street bakery uses honey-tabasco sauce on their chicken while the waffle is made of Belgian vanilla buttermilk, together with the signature warm maple butter.
Savour this dish while it is hot and crispy because once the chicken has totally cooled down so as the Waffles, it will become very surfeited.
However, clinton street bakery has one of the most westerned interior and I recommend to head over for a brunch instead of dinner as they have tiny menu choices.
Satisfaction: 馃い 馃い 馃い
Price: $23++
Location: @clintonst_sg
#eatwtiff #tcxsg

Gotten this Carbonara and Crab Meat Aglio Olio!

Personally, these two dishes compliment each other, as the carbonara might be a little sick after awhile , while the crab meat aglio olio is slightly spicy which helps to neutralise the overall taste!

Knew the coffee academics from their coffee in a cone! And their coffee still taste amazing! 鉂わ笍 Best part, bring your own cup and there is some discount 馃拫

Price: $24++ (for the crab meat aglio olio), $6++ (for flat white)
Satisfaction : 馃い 馃い 馃い
Location : @thecoffeeacademicssg at Scott Square

Ordered the mac n cheese just because there's four different types of cheese (cave-aged cheddar, Shropshire blue, mimolette and paramesan cheese sauce) and you can buy their cheese here too! 馃槏

And true enough, their mac n cheese is sooo rich with cheese, so good! 馃い Their sandwiches ain't that bad too!! It has cheese inside 馃槈

Price for mac n cheese: $24

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