This photo prolly doesn’t do the food justice but to those who are wandering around the Bukit Timah shopping centre, do watch out for this small eatery at 04-12. The store is quite small but cosy ( 2 tables for 4 each, good for fam) and the warmth and friendliness of the owners ( small fam of 3) rly gets to you! What was memorable was especially the handmade “momos”- chicken or mushroom or vegetarian that looked like xlb, dipped in the chilli sauce gives it more oomph! Next is the “bara”- made of 5 legumes soaked overnight ( looks like a prata but has some potatoish feels to it! Thin and unique). We also tried the jimbu fusion set that comes with 2 flatbread looking sides! Overall really a unique hideout and worth supporting!