Secret Haunts

Secret Haunts

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Today, we found a mala spot in the neighbourhood that is even more VFM( value for money) compared to ririhong ( Gold standard for cheap and good mala). Prices starting from $1-$3, rice at 50 cents with a wide variety of veg and meat to choose from. We chose the non spicy ( bottom) and the mildly spicy version (TOP) and both were good! The non spicy one was really fragrant in smell and in taste, a good balance to the mildly spicy one that has the usual numbing taste of mala! Pro tip will be to skip the drinks if you want to save some $$! You can see regulars and plenty of takeout orders so business can get quite busy here. The friendly boss even offered us drinks on the house feeling bad for the longer wait! Total damage for 4 pax ( very full horh) was only $22.50 ( gst inclusive)! Hope to be back again 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Priced at ~$7 per plate, this is definitely not a cheap nasi lemak but still a good one. Located at capitol, it is convenient for all the office peeps to satisfy their chicken wing cravings once awhile! Each set comes with a carefully placed sunny side up and addictive sambal chilli that adds to the satisfying meal! The Super crispy chicken wings just make you come back for more ( you can even add the crisp urself from the side)

Damage: $7
Rating: 7.2/10 ( sinful indulgence once awhile)

Chanced upon this after going to 2 Godiva outlets that are closed/ sold out for soft serve! Lucky for us, there was even 1f1 that day and we tried the Hokkaido sea salt ice cream(?) and pistachio flavour and were pleasantly surprised. The pistachio ( my weakness) flavour was really 内有乾坤!full of caramelised pistachio that is Super addictive! The other flavour was pretty surprising given that the saltiness can really get to you in an unexpected manner! Nonetheless to each his own, others did enjoy it very much!

Damage: $7 per cone
Rating: 7/10 (+1 if got offer)

If sushiro is known for being the most affordable and VFM ( value-for-money) chirashi dons out there, then I must add this place to the list! The storefront isn’t huge but it’s rly a hidden gem! Located along Pickering street it’s pretty accessible and well known among the office peeps that gets it crowded during lunch hours. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and serving of the dish given we only paid

Once again, thanks to #burpplebeyond, chanced upon this cheeky cafe! The food exceeds our expectations where I tried “steak and no eggs” but was not sorely disappointed given the potato side was so delicious- crispy on the outside yet soft and creamy on the inside! The steak was medium rare and all was well! Not just that the service was really good as the staff are so friendly and attentive! Refilling our bottles even after we finished our meal and was sitting down there to chill and chat! Overall a really good hangout place that I highly recommend 😋

This is certainly not the typical fast food restaurant with the interior decor and vibes ( and price)! Rly Instagramable with the neon lights etc, spacious enough to accommodate large groups. Tried the fish burger w avocado and must say they are rly quite generous! The fish is deep fried in its batter, Super crispy on the outside yet the fish meat is tender! It went surprisingly well w avocado 🥑 ( millennials superfood) and is definitely mega filling! Can’t say the same for other burgers that the rest tried ( some portions turned out smaller than expected). The truffle fries were good too! Tho rly abit too pricey 🧐 overall this is definitely quite an up market burger place but good for large gatherings and hipster outings ✌🏻

Yes your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you when you see 10 WONTONS! < kk I converted charsiews into wonton too> but this is by far one of the most generous wonton mee stores out there with the sweetest and cutest auntie- who patiently and carefully cooks the noodles and repeats your order! Taste wise is also great and not to mention the soup is also addictive ( no msg taste not Too salty)! The highlight is the fried wontons!!! Super crispy and is definitely an icon when u see it added to almost every non soup dish ( yes even porridge)! The queue is already long as it is a fav among the old customers but it’s still worth the time if you want a hearty meal to cheer you on for mid day lunch 👍🏼💪🏻

This photo prolly doesn’t do the food justice but to those who are wandering around the Bukit Timah shopping centre, do watch out for this small eatery at 04-12. The store is quite small but cosy ( 2 tables for 4 each, good for fam) and the warmth and friendliness of the owners ( small fam of 3) rly gets to you! What was memorable was especially the handmade “momos”- chicken or mushroom or vegetarian that looked like xlb, dipped in the chilli sauce gives it more oomph! Next is the “bara”- made of 5 legumes soaked overnight ( looks like a prata but has some potatoish feels to it! Thin and unique). We also tried the jimbu fusion set that comes with 2 flatbread looking sides! Overall really a unique hideout and worth supporting!


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