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One of their dishes in the previous Hangar’s menu made it to this new place and I feel that it was an improved version of an already damn good bowl of noodles. The Roasted Pork Noodles ($18) is actually their popular kolo mee and this time round, the bowl is made up of pulled pork, mushroom salad, poached egg and topped with a generous portion of salty Japanese anchovies and parsley. There is no roasted pork per say but the pulled pork more than makes up for it. The X-factor for me has got to be their chilli sambal which coats and goes so well with the eggless kolo mee that we actually requested for me. It is not too spicy for us and its more savoury in this nature. Once the dish is served, I highly recommend you mix it well and eat it fast as it will be piping hot and super shiok.
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21 Club Street, Singapore 069410