Pickle & Fig is located in the same row as Dotty's and Purradise cat cafe. The cafe itself is okay. From a lot of menu written on a wide big greenboard behind the cashier, I picked BBQ Philly Cheesesteak with wholemeal bread. It cost me RM24 which I think is quite overpriced.

The dish comes with a wholemeal press grilled with their beef slices cooked with their own kitchen's BBQ sauce, cheddar and mozarella cheese, and fried onion ring. To me this is unique because the ususal philly cheesesteak uses sauteed onion. Unfortunately the beef was hard and the bread was too dry for me. The sauce is ok for me, even though it felt quite strong and left some heat after I finished eating. The sandwich comes with salad and potato wedges. Both were ok. The salad's vinaigrette left quite a good memory after the meal.

Conclusion, it's an average overprice philly.