Out of all the sandos at @thestacksg, the Pollo Avo Club was my favourite, just barely edging out the sublime K-Sando. As the name suggests, this sando is stacked with slices of smoked chicken & avocado, sumac onions and dressed adequately with a spicy aioli.⠀

The tender chicken was lubed up well by the avocado, and each soft bite was well flavoured by the spicy, salty & satisfyingly creamy aioli. While the aioli is spicy enough to zing your palate, it’s restrained enough to avoid making you sweat. The sumac onions added that charming crunchy contrast to the soft textures of the avo, bread & chicken, but it did overpower the flavours of the chicken with its sourness by a fair bit. If the sourness were toned down a little, the Pollo Avo would be gucci. Still, even with overly sour onions, this was an incredibly delicious sando.

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