I haven't tried these famous brownies before and didn't know anything about its hype, but I have to say it is a bit expensive but can stand on its own. Each brownie was dense AF and chewy, but I loved the texture of the 74% bittersweet dark chocolate the most because it was consistently chewy inside with a slightly crisp crust. The ones with interesting flavours are mostly only flavoured in its core, so for example the hojicha didn't really taste like hojicha at all.

From left to right, top to bottom: ($5.90-6.90)

🎂 Premium hojicha
🎂 Peanut butter & pink salt
🎂 74% bittersweet dark chocolate
🎂 Nutella & hazelnut bomb
🎂 Banana nut crunch
🎂 Melt-in-your-mouth mocha

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