Had a Peranakan feast at Ivins Peranakan Restaurant at 19/21 Binjai Park and we ordered:
▪️Garam Assam Fish Head ($27 - 3 to 4 pax)
▪️Ayam Buah Keluak ($8.20)
▪️Babi Pongteh ($7.50)
▪️Nyonya Chap Chye ($6.20)
▪️Fried Ngo Hiang ($6)
▪️Sotong Hitam ($7.20)
▪️Egg Fuyong ($5.70)
▪️Terong Goreng Chilli ($5.50)
▪️Chendol ($1.50)

One of my favourite dishes of the night is the Garam Assam Fish Head which is 1/2 fish head served in spicy tamarind gravy. The gravy has just the right balance of spicy, tangy and sweet notes, and it goes s ppl o well with rice.

Ayam Buah Keluak is my all-time-favourite in any Peranakan restaurant and I love digging out and savouring the flavourful flesh of the buah keluak.

The sauce of the Babi Pongteh is a tad sweet for me, but the braised pork belly literally melts in your mouth. The Chap Chye is decent as well.

Two of the dishes were unexpectedly good. Sotong Hitam features stir fried squid with black ink sauce and cut chilli and this is actually full of flavour with a hint of smokiness. The squid is tender as well. The Terong Goreng Chilli looks like a simple eggplant topped with chilli but the chilli is actually very aromatic and it is not too spicy.

Overall, I enjoyed the food and it was pretty satisfying. Do note that each item is quite small, so if the group is large, you might have to order double portions of each item.

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