Posting the photo of the only item that is of any good at this place - Kalua Pulled Pork ($30). It is very flavourful and putting it in the pineapple added an extra flavour that complemented the entire dish very well.

What made this a disappointing experience include:
- Made a reservation and requested for indoor space, but the only seats left were under the beach umbrella and the service staff told us the seats may be wet as it was raining. Well, we don't have much choice, do we?
- Asked the service staff if the fish was raw or cooked, but she wasn't sure and was seen going around asking 2 or 3 people before she came back to us.
- We were told there's 1for1 promotion this month and it's applicable for Main and Bowl. But when we placed order for 1 main + 1 bowl and other sides, they told us it had to be from the same category. We were okay to pay the full price but the service staff kept asking if we want one more main or one more bowl. So we changed our orders to 4 mains instead.
- When the staff put the food down on our table, it didn't look anything like what we might have ordered, so we asked what was it. Surprisingly she didn't know what is it and had to go check with the kitchen.
- When we finally asked for the bill, they did not key in the 1for1 discounts and charged us full bill. When we asked about it, the staff started questioning one another - why was the order keyed in like this? Is the 1for1 applicable for mains?

The food might have been mediocre, but the service was really terrible. Some staff training might help salvage the situation. Or maybe it's just us, the other customers looked quite happy with their beers and bar bites.

Other food include:
- Fish and chips ($25)
- Huli Huli Chicken ($20, but it's just chicken in teriyaki sauce, though the grilled zucchini is excellent)
- Hapu U Pu ($25, a very very small portion of sea bass)