🥂: pear 165 ($18)

Made a return visit to @_platform._ with my companion exactly one year after our first visit! 🥰 we were discussing how glad we are that Platform. managed to stick it out through the lockdown!

Another wonderful experience here with 💯 service & cocktails! I was looking for a cocktail with a lighter palate this time, was stuffed after a full day of indulging. Decided on the pear 165 after pouring over their menu of unique drinks.

I reaaaaaaaaally enjoyed this one! It’s topped with a cherry tomato to taste before drinking. It was everything I was looking for; floral with the chamomile, fruity with the pear, lightly fizzy with the sparkling wine but not so much that it leaves you feeling bloated.

My companion had their butterfly pea ($20), which is exactly as described: complex. The dry gin definitely comes through pretty strongly in this one and the marasca cherry leaves an after taste that made us both go 🤔🤔🤔.

We were also given a taste of their sparkling sake due to a mix up with our reservation; what did I say about amazing service! ✨ every table is also given a refillable bowl of tapioca chips which is light salted & super yums.

I typically prefer to drink at home as it’s more affordable and I find cocktails outside pretty overpriced but I can never say no to Platform. You really get what you pay for; a uniquely-crafted cocktail, rustic & minimalist aesthetics for the ‘gram, great service and relaxing ambience (although the music was a tad loud this time but I don’t blame the staff they were too busy to lower the music).

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