It's almost right at the end so it's quite hard to find lol

Well I can guarantee the quality and the taste are extraordinary but whether it's that much better than normal to be deserving of $22bux is up to individual discretion

Siobak was perfect in my eyes, superbly crispy skin, slightly smoky, meaty bite with good amounts of fat and salty enough. Do eat this quickly as the thinner skin will lose its crispiness after a while

Charsiew was also perfect to me with caramelised bits outside, and a good fat to meat ratio inside while being supremely tender. The sweetness is also not overpowering.

While the duck may be overshadowed by the other two meats, it is certainly not a scrub. It's mind blowing how ducks can be so juicy where liquid just gushes out after u take a bite. Good thing about a platter is that they give you a leg which is really the best part to justify the price. Very very flavourful but needs a little more crisp in the skin to reach the next level. Right now only certain parts of the skin is crispy enough.

Rmb having ribs here that was overpriced and not very impressive.

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