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* Burpple hosted eat up*
I thought the salt and pepper squid wins the award for the most aesthetically pleasing dish of the night. A lot of thought has gone into creating this dish from the preparation to the presentation. The black patch on the plate is not just a mere decoration; I only realise that it tasted of squid ink which complemented well with the soft and crunchy squid. Squid are the hardest thing to get right because the surface has to be crispy and it has to be soft enough when you bite down eventually. Hats of to the chef and thanks to Burpple and Mama soi for the eat up!

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Son-in-law Eggs ($7/4 Pieces). •HOSTED TASTING•
Grilled BBQ Pork And Pan Seared Fillet Of Fish
Pork Lovers ($19) •HOSTED TASTING•
Beef Short Rib (Twice Cooked) ($29)
8- Hour Braised Pork Belly ($23)
Beef Short Rib (Twice Cooked) ($29)
Wok Fried Salt Pepper Squid ($19).
Beef short ribs ($29)
Chilli sea salt wings (6 pcs)  These wings were marinated in coconut, and sprinkled with Sze Chuan salt, which was lighter in taste.
Pork Lovers
Salt And Pepper Squid
Beef Short Rib (Twice cooked)