I had never travelled to the ‘Land Of Smiles’ but I was all smiles when I had Tuk Tuk Cha’s Aloha Coconut Shibuya Toast ($11.50). Crispy, soft, warm and fluffy, it was really good. OMG, just take my money please.

From the buttery and fragrant thick toast to the creamy coconut ice cream accompanied by refreshing bits of young coconut flesh, it was like a party in every bite. The golden crusty exterior with the rich melting ice cream was not too cloy and I was able to make short work of it. Hitting me in all the right spots, this coconut-covered treat is pure happiness for any coconut lovers and is definitely the real deal. Aroi Mak Mak!

You had never?! Oh what are you waiting for? 😝 Tuk Tuk Cha is good... sinfully buttery crispy. Have you tried Dessert Project?
Celest Lim omg so sorry for the late reply!!! Haha my parents won't let me go 😢 Yas I have been to dessert project but a very long time ago. Is there anything there you would recommend there??
Vanessa Kou awww hope you'll get to go BKK some day. DP: their thick toasts are pretty good! And I always go for their salted egg yolk ice-cream 😎
Celest Lim I hope so too!!!! Wa I didn't know they have salted egg yolk ice cream! Will drop by to have some soon😍