We ordered the Swiss Rosti, one with smoked salmon and the other with veal bratwurst. ($14.50) I changed my sunny side up to a poached egg so I could have some yolk-porn with my rosti haha.

Oh boy this was good. The bratwurst was meaty, delightfully juicy and generously portioned. (it was a really big sausage!) The rosti was really crispy but not overly oily and I could really bite and taste each shred of potato instead of it being mushy. The sour cream when mixed with the lemon gave the dish a delicious sourish tang. It was a simple, fuss-free meal which my dining partner and I enjoyed over good conversation.

The wait staff and baristas were attentive and patient. I paid $18.50 for two rostis and a long black, which is such a good deal for good quality food and ambience. In addition, Burpple Beyond can be used for the other mains on the menu, which is great for picky eaters. :)