Bull Run Soba ($8+$2 for upsize; free edamame topping)

Although healthy, build-your-own-bowl shops are now dime a dozen, Wheat is one of the few that truly provide you with inexpensive signatures, bursting with that distinct flavour that you can always rely on when you want to feel healthy (watch the sodium though). The teriyaki protein/edamame/salad is quite ubiquitous among Japanese fusion food shops nowadays, but no one has come quite close to the sesame mayo sauce they put in the soba.

The Wheat outlet at Raffles City is definitely a dine-and-go shop made for the CBD OLs (aka me). It's small, has limited seating and you can barely see the toppings in the glass casing because rows of coconut water and promotion flyers are crowding the front of the counter. Don't let that stop you from trying the food here, though.