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Zhiyi F
Zhiyi F

Haven't been to Bread Yard since I stopped working in the area, so I jumped at the chance to try this bowl off their updated menu. Unfortunately, the tuna is pretty underwhelming and doesn't mesh well with the seaweed and mushrooms. Not to mention that wasabi - what is it doing inside? Portions have also shrunk. Not sure if it was because of peak hour.

Breadstick is still great though. I think I'll just stick to their older dishes.

Being in the heart of the financial district, the rustic-themed Grain Traders is a really nice place to people-watch during lunchtime (that is, if you can beat the office crowd to get a window seat). Get your money's worth by choosing the more exotic options; here is crusted tuna tataki (+$1.50), ratatouille, mixed bean salad, curried veg and sunflower seeds atop barley risotto, diviiiine.

Ordered the small avo-bowl - brown rice, chicken thigh, chickpeas, edamame and lemongrass sauce.

The avocado tastes refreshing and goes well with the rather dry brown rice/chickpea/edamame combo. Chicken thigh is flavourful but not too oily. Portions are quite generous. Selection of toppings is very limited, but at this price I don't really mind.

Comes in a rectangular plastic box, though I think circular boxes would be better for the ingredients to soak up the dressing/for general presentation.

Roasted Barramundi Grain Bowl ($12.90)

Portions are miserable for the price. The bulk of the grain bowl comprises veg. They give paltry scoopfuls of quinoa and mashed potato, and 1 (ONE) small chunk of dry barramundi (covered by the onion), half of which is bone. Topped off with, like, 3 walnuts. As with most ready-made grain bowl places, the food is lukewarm.

I will say that the greek vinaigrette is amazing though - greek yogurt, cucumber, herbs that blend together into a tangy, creamy sauce. Unfortunately, they weren't very generous with it either and it couldn't justify the rest of this bowl.

Go somewhere else if you want to eat clean outside, people!

*pardon the low quality picture

Petite Brick Bowl ($6.90 for public): penne pasta, crispy tofu, japanese cucumber, charred corn, boiled egg, parmesan, house Peri-peri dressing.

I'm not sure if it was my choice of ingredients, but this bowl didn't really live up to my expectations. The pasta was dry and tough - I would've covered it up with the dressing but there was far from enough :( The corn is seasoned quite nicely and it's easy on the wallet, but other than that, it pales in comparison with all the other grain bowl places in the area. Just don't get the pasta, period.

Bull Run Soba ($8+$2 for upsize; free edamame topping)

Although healthy, build-your-own-bowl shops are now dime a dozen, Wheat is one of the few that truly provide you with inexpensive signatures, bursting with that distinct flavour that you can always rely on when you want to feel healthy (watch the sodium though). The teriyaki protein/edamame/salad is quite ubiquitous among Japanese fusion food shops nowadays, but no one has come quite close to the sesame mayo sauce they put in the soba.

The Wheat outlet at Raffles City is definitely a dine-and-go shop made for the CBD OLs (aka me). It's small, has limited seating and you can barely see the toppings in the glass casing because rows of coconut water and promotion flyers are crowding the front of the counter. Don't let that stop you from trying the food here, though.

Olive rice + smoked duck breast + honey mustard dressing + boiled egg.

Came up to $12.40 which is kind of steep but the rice+duck was well-marinated, plus the dressing added a refreshing tanginess so I was glad to pay for it.

I must say the al fresco experience always makes eating here way better - look at the way the meat glistens in the midday sun!!

Zhiyi F

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