We were lured here by the very favourable TripAd reviews. The best thing about our lunch was the outstanding waitress Son - extraordinarily friendly, full of energy, and exceptionally efficient. The other nice thing about Lucca’s is that it’s also a mini retail shop, and you can buy their wine at 20% discount for immediate consumption. We only ordered signature dishes. The most important thing in Italian cuisine is quality of the ingredients. Yet, the mussels were not fresh, and that was masked by the mediocre sauce. Pasta is supposed to be cooked al dente, but the squid ink was overcooked (too soft) while the pappardelle was undercooked (too hard)! Sauces were good. All reviewers rave about the calzone. They must not have had calzone before, because this one is quite meh! Ultimately, with Italian food, you get what you pay for. So, either pay up and go to Garibaldi, Basilico, Braci, Art, or Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse for steaks, or just go to Pizza Express lah! Even with the Entertainer offer and in spite of the charming Son, we won’t go back anytime soon.

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