Had the Jalapeno Beef Ragu ($18.90) and I loved it! The plate was filled with salad, some mini pieces of fruits, 4 pieces of waffles with a sunny side egg atop (with a molten centre😋) and the beef ragu siting in between the waffles and generous huge pieces of tortilla chips! Love the flavours and the taste of the waffles which were airy and good even on its own; although towards the ending it got really heavy and i was struggling a bit to finish the entire plate. Special shoutout to them for making their own honey, I was never a fan of honey but I would gladly have theirs again👍

My friends had the Chili Cheese w Chicken and it was also not bad and the Guacamole which is more basic and healthier i guess. Overall not a bad place with memorable waffles and honey 🧇🍯

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