Lately, Xiang Dessert and Food, otherwise known as Xiang Hao Chi (้ฅ—ๅฅฝๅƒ), had become my regular haunt to pick up some Taiwanese flavours. Apparently, other than their range of desserts that was always chosen as my afternoon pick-me-up, another item that had become my comfort food was their Taiwanese Crispy Chicken Chop with Minced Pork Noodles (S$7.80).

The noodles would usually be slightly springy and nicely seasoned with the minced meat and its gravy poured over. Though there were options to how the fried chicken chop could be flavoured, I would always go for their salt and pepper seasoning for that more authentic feel. Did I also mention that the pickled cabbage and the Ramen egg were also like icing on the cake, and for that price point I thought the overall portion was actually quite affordable?

Of course, the Upper Thomson belt had no lack of good food, but for some Taiwanese treats, this place deserved a shoutout.


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