First off, look at how enormous this mantou is! Just Dough truly nails being generous with their buns. Unfortunately, I don't think that the mantous keep very well in the fridge because the mantou becomes slightly stiff after microwaving (this one was kept for 2 days in the fridge). I guess you're supposed to steam it to make it soft again but steaming is so much work... :p So do eat yours fresh if you're lazy like me!

The curry wasn't super fragrant. It didn't have any milky, buttery taste like other curries I'm used to. It kinda just tasted like curry without any added 💫dairy pizzaz💫. Which is good for those who dislike overly rich curries.

It could be due to me keeping it in the fridge, but the chicken was a little dry and the egg was slightly rubbery. It wasn't all that bad though, it still retained it's taste. The fillings are suuuuper generous! Little bits of mushroom are embedded in the curry, with many potato cubes too. Once again, Just Dough simply nails the generosity factor!

Overall, a pretty good bun that would definitely fill you up and satisfy more savoury cravings. Wouldn't say it's the best bun I've had from Just Dough, but l I know I'd 100% repurchase!

⭐ Rating: 7.9/10 Stephen Curries
🤑 worth the price: YES
🦖 would I buy again: yeye
💍 would I marry: maybe