Hands down my favourite place for claypot rice! We got the large claypot ($36) intended for 5-6 persons, filled with generous amounts of tender chicken chunks, pork belly, lup cheong, salted fish and vegetables.
The ingredients were tossed in the most delicious and fragrant dark sauce, with the overall sweetness matched by a deep smokiness from being cooked over charcoal. We broke up and mixed in the layer of burnt rice at the bottom, adding a nice crispy touch.

The portion was definitely more than enough for the 5 of us, as we ordered sides too. The sides do get quite pricey, but my recommendation would be the Prawn Roll ($11.80), it was really to die for! I was blown away by the thin and crispy outer encasing the juicy meat filling. The sauce from the Tofu with Crab Meat ($18.80) was also a really great addition to the rice.

I don’t even like sar poh fan that much but I love this place! If you’re going, definitely preorder your claypot rice to save you the 30min+ waiting time!

IG: @eggeatsbread